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About one in five of the world’s population speaks a form of Chinese. Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China and by far the most widely used version, with over 800 million speakers.

As of 2015, will cater to this audience, bringing our readers the most newsworthy movements of the cosmetics industry in Asia Pacific, in Mandarin.

From scientific breakthroughs to newly announced business strategies; it goes without saying that this is an incredibly fast-paced industry, so staying one step ahead is crucial to staying on top.

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千里之行,始於足下 - ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

Halal fragrances to lead growing ethical sector, report states

29-Nov-2016 - Increasing awareness among consumers about halal-certified products boosts the demand for Halal cosmetics and the fragrance sector, in particular, which is expected to generate the largest CAGR during the forecast...

Cosmoprof Asia 2016 names first Innovation Circle Award winners

28-Nov-2016 - Cosmoprof Asia 2016 saw 650 new companies attend its two-venue event and inaugural Innovation Circle Awards.

Korean National Assembly Forum highlights alternative testing methods

23-Nov-2016 - Humane Society International is holding an Assembly Forum in Korea to emphasise the importance of “supporting advancing science without suffering”.

Domestic brands to lead China's growth

02-Nov-2016 - In a recent report, Euromonitor International predicts that China’s domestic players will contribute significantly to the beauty and personal care industry over the forecast period.

全球皮肤护理和除臭剂制造商妮维雅推出了一款 体味检测APP : 鼻子 (NOSE) 。

25-May-2016 - 拜尔斯道夫集团与越南广告公司 Happiness FCB 联手打造 , 它涉及一种特殊的定制的手机壳,以便检测消费者的体味, 让他们知道何时该梳洗一番。



09-Dec-2015 - 节日季即将来临,但全球化妆品行业增速却也没有因此放缓!在这里,《化妆品设计》精心编制了截至目前本月的最大动态,供您了解最新行业信息……

*CDA news in Mandarin*

亚洲化妆品行业走势 - 2015 年 11 月

24-Nov-2015 - 对于业界而言,截至现在的 11 月份异常繁忙!《化妆品设计》已经注意到最新的创新产品,并开始讨论化妆品制造商在亚洲地区面临的主要问题。我们在这里简述所有最佳建议,以确保您跟上最新潮流!

*CDA news in Mandarin*


21-Oct-2015 - 经历了夏季的修整之后,金秋10月,亚太地区化妆品行业再次迎来勃勃生机。在这里,我们掌握了最新的行业动向——从科研突破到新鲜出炉的经营策略;一切尽在这里,赶快来吧!

A new dawn in Asia Pacific coverage: Cosmetics Design launches Mandarin version!

20-Oct-2015 - On October 21st, Cosmetics Design Asia will extend its coverage of the cosmetics and personal care industry on the Asia Pacific region with a Mandarin version that caters to the 800 million...

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