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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin discoloration, anti-ageing technologies and hair regeneration? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae and spider silk in the labs of Universities, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

What’s trending in the natural anti-ageing category right now?

29-Apr-2016 - In the past few months we have seen a plethora of new natural-based ingredient launches targeting the anti-ageing beauty market, including, a raspberry extract, a green coffee oil ingredient and a new apple...

Sugarcane ingredient of choice to replace shark-derived squalene

28-Apr-2016 - Popular personal care ingredient squalene is an organic compound often derived from sharks’ livers - in response to consumer demand for cruelty-free and renewable ingredients, manufacturers are now looking elsewhere...

Nivea smells app opportunity with new body odour detector

26-Apr-2016 - Global skin care and deodorant manufacturer Nivea is making waves with the launch of its new, body odour detecting app, NOSE.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

New directions in anti-ageing

25-Apr-2016 - Cosmetics Design surveys this distinctive beauty category by looking forward at formulation trends and reflecting on innovative launches and business moves from the past year.

Clariant buys stake in Korean ingredients firm

21-Apr-2016 - Clariant, global specialty chemicals firm, has purchased a 17% stake in naturals active ingredients supplier BioSpectrum.

Korea's Cosmax looking to dominate cosmetics R&D in the US

20-Apr-2016 - Cosmax, a leading cosmetics manufacturer from South Korea, has made clear its intention to take a lead in the US beauty R&D sphere.

Japanese specialty chemicals firm partners up with global distributor

19-Apr-2016 - Showa Denko, a Japan-based ingredients supplier for the cosmetics industry, has teamed up with international distributor Azelis, to further strengthen its global reach.

Study shows efficacy and safety of DMN patch containing skin depigmentation agent

15-Apr-2016 - The future of functional ingredient delivery in anti-ageing and cosmetics could be done using a dissolving microneedle (DMN) patch after a new study verified a prototype for its safety and...

Petroleum-free cosmetics thanks to sugar-based chemicals

13-Apr-2016 - In response to the rise of consumer demand for naturals when it comes to cosmetics, suppliers are increasingly responding to the need for raw materials which comply with the trend.

Lucas Meyer unveils new pore-shrinking ingredient at in-cosmetics Paris

13-Apr-2016 - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is unveiling its latest ingredient, a pore-minimizer called Miniporyl, at this weeks in-cosmetics event in Paris.

Palm-free ingredient portfolio stands out at in-cosmetics

13-Apr-2016 - Inolex, a Pennsylvania-based personal care ingredient company, is launching a new collection of ingredients at this week’s show in Paris, France, and seeing a terrific industry response to its alternatives...

A sneak peek at some in-cosmetics ingredient launches

06-Apr-2016 - It is now less than a week until the doors open at the in-cosmetics event in Paris and with so many new products and concepts to see, we take a...

Specialty ingredients driven by demand for multifunctional products

05-Apr-2016 - Performance-enhancing multifunctional ingredients are topping the ‘must have’ list for formulators all over the world, according to a new report from the Kline Group.

IMCD establishes a new office in Japan

05-Apr-2016 - Holland-based fine chemicals distributor IMCD has expanded its position in the Asia Pacific region with the opening of an office in Tokyo, Japan.

New science makes organic synthesis easier

29-Mar-2016 - Chemists from the University of Texas at Arlington and North Carolina State University have documented a water-based process that could lessen industry’s dependence on solvents.

New distribution partnership to boost sustainable specialty chemicals in Asia

24-Mar-2016 - Specialty chemicals manufacturer Verdezyne has teamed up with Connell Bros Co. (CBC), one of the leading marketers and distributors in the Asia-Pacific region, to facilitate the sale and distribution of...

J&J study finds sunscreen formulations may serve as additional water barrier on skin surface

22-Mar-2016 - Researchers at Johnson & Johnson claim that hydrophobic sunscreen formulations can help protect the skin from extended water exposure by serving as additional water barriers, as well as providing UV...

Evonik launches new beauty formulation concepts in China

10-Mar-2016 - Evonik, a leading global specialty chemicals company, used the recent PCHi trade show to launch a new concept, ''Trendy textures for new experiences', onto the China market.

China study suggests silicon dioxide can damage DNA

10-Mar-2016 - Although widely found to be safe, a recent study by researchers in China has found that silicon dioxide, or silica, may have the potential to negatively affect our genetic material.

Australian researchers using sheep waste in cosmetics

10-Mar-2016 - In just the latest in a long line of weird and wonderful beauty ingredients to come out of the APAC region, Australian researchers have found a way to turn sheep...

L'Oreal broadening herbal offering to strengthen against rivals

09-Mar-2016 - In a bid to see off quickly-strengthening cosmetics rivals in India, beauty brand L’Oreal is considering making moves to strengthen its herbal offering.

P&G studies role of ascorbic acid in reducing skin reaction to PPD

08-Mar-2016 - A study carried out by researchers in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium has found that pre-treatment of the skin with ascorbic acid could reduce elicitation reaction to hair dye component...

P&G lead researcher on what Asian beauty consumers want

08-Mar-2016 - In a recent report, one of Procter & Gamble’s lead researchers has revealed what she considers to be the key differentiators between Asian and western beauty consumers, and explained how...

Mibelle launches Vin-upLift ingredient in China

08-Mar-2016 - Mibelle Biochemistry has rolled out its award-winning anti-ageing ingredient Vin-upLift in China, platforming it at last week’s PCHi event in Shanghai.

Scientists identify grey hair gene for first time

02-Mar-2016 - Scientists at University College London have identified the gene for greying hair for the first time, as well as the genes influencing hair shape and density and this could have...

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