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Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists calls for speakers

10-Apr-2014 - The 12th biannual conference for the Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists is due to take place in Cairns, Australia, April 28 – 30 2015, and the organisation is currently looking for speakers.

Hair loss and fat – it’s all linked finds new study

08-Apr-2014 - A new study combining science from Australia and the UK has suggested that losing weight and halting hair loss could go hand-in-hand after findings show that the skin can regulate...

Tissue damage plasma source to open cosmetic treatments door

31-Mar-2014 - Scientists at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana say inducing biological tissue damage with an atmospheric pressure plasma source could open the door to cosmetics applications.

Hair care launches at in-cosmetics 2014

27-Mar-2014 - The in-cosmetics Innovation Zone will give attendees the opportunity to gain an insight on the latest hair care developments. Take a look at the ingredients set to be showcased at...

Skin care preview: gallery of ingredients to be launched at in-cosmetics '14

26-Mar-2014 - The in-cosmetics Innovation Zone is a unique area for attendees to catch up on all the latest products launches in one place. Here, we've rounded up some interesting skin care...

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Beiersdorf R&D head says it’s OK to appreciate external innovations

21-Mar-2014 - Traditionally cosmetics companies have adopted a ‘not invented here’ attitude, but big benefits can be gained from changing to a ‘proudly found elsewhere’ mindset and being open with external partners,...

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Evonik ingredient wins PCHi’s ‘Award of Merit’

18-Mar-2014 - Chemicals specialist Evonik’s hair and scalp care active ingredient SPHINGONY was selected for an Award of Merit by PCHi 2014.

New nanotechnology science journal to launch

17-Mar-2014 - Elsevier, a global provider of scientific, technical and medical information on products and solutions, has announced the launch of an open access journal, ‘Colloid and Interface Science Communications’ (COLCOM), relevant...

Septem Soken to continue Eskitis Institute skin care research

12-Mar-2014 - Japanese cosmetics company, Septem Soken, has confirmed a three year extension to its research at the Eskitis Institute's 'Nature Bank', with which it looks to discover potential new ingredients for...

Greenpeace puts pressure on P&G over palm oil sourcing strategy

05-Mar-2014 - Greenpeace says that personal care giant Procter & Gamble could be doing more to source palm oil from eco-friendly sources, in turn avoiding the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia.

Soliance reveals concept targeting burgeoning multifunctional face mask category

04-Mar-2014 - Biotech ingredients suppler Soliance has launched a new concept, multifunctional and customisable face masks, which taps into a number of growing industry trends.

Scientists develop liquid procedure to extract musks from cosmetics

04-Mar-2014 - Chinese scientists have developed a novel way of extracting musks from cosmetics through a combination of supported liquid extraction (SLE) and solid-phase extraction (SPE).

Study suggests general hair conditioner just as effective to get rid of lice

28-Feb-2014 - A new study claims that ordinary hair conditioner is just as effective at getting rid of hair lice as specialist nit-removal.

Wacker launches new hair care ingredient dedicated to the China market

26-Feb-2014 - Silicone-based ingredients supplier Wacker has unveiled a series of new product launches at the PCHi event in Shanghai last week, including a hair conditioner exclusively for the China market.

Showa Denko targets growth in Asia Pacific ingredients market

26-Feb-2014 - Japanese conglomerate Showa Denko is targeting growth in its personal care division through further expansion into the China market and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Ashland showcases skin defence plankton extract in China

20-Feb-2014 - Aquatic plankton rich in GP4G nucleotides dampens the effect of infrared and ultraviolet radiation on the appearance of skin, according to new studies showcased at the Personal Care and Homecare...

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Mibelle Biochemistry unveils anti-ageing snow algae extract

19-Feb-2014 - An extract of snow algae can protect the skin against environmental stress factors and improve the barrier function and has been developed by Mibelle Biochemistry. Here, Dr Fred Zülli gives...

Researchers shine new light on molecular changes responsible for skin discoloration

19-Feb-2014 - Scientists have uncovered the molecular roots of skin discolouration suggesting the possibility of new treatments for pigmentation changes seen in conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Scientists discover link between skin problems and stress molecule… by chance!

12-Feb-2014 - Researchers have discovered a new, surprising link between chloracne and a molecule that protects cells against stress, which could lead to further developments in skin care applications.

R&D responding to renewed attention on ingredients

10-Feb-2014 - Rising consumer awareness of ingredients, fueled by the recent influx of product databases, is driving a focus on formulation right back to the industry’s research and development level.

Synthetic spider silk research to benefit cosmetics

05-Feb-2014 - Scientists at Utah State University (USU) have been perfecting the development of spider silk protein for more than 20 years so that it can be used in more commercial applications like cosmetics....

Researchers convert adult cells to hair generating stem cells to beat the bald

30-Jan-2014 - In news that may please the follicly challenged among us, researchers have come up with a method to convert adult cells into epithelial stem cells for the first time.

Scientists' further understanding of pathway to protect skin from sun exposure

30-Jan-2014 - Scientists have identified key elements of the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) activated pathway and how a specific protein can mediate the skin’s response which could lead to better methods of protecting...

Sinar Mas set to expand footprint in palm oil for cosmetics

29-Jan-2014 - Indonesian conglomorate Sinar Mas has laid out plans to expand its presence in the market for palm oil derivatives used in cosmetics by announcing a $400m investment in production facilities.

Scientists explain skin regeneration properties of birch bark

28-Jan-2014 - Scientists in Germany have explained the wound healing and skin regeneration properties of tree bark which they have put down to one particular extract, botulin, and how it reacts on...

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