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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin discoloration, anti-ageing technologies and hair regeneration? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae and spider silk in the labs of Universities, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Sun-kissed skin through eating fruit and veg

02-Sep-2014 - A new study into facial attractiveness has found that skin colouration is an important factor and that carotenoid colouration through the ingestion of fruit and vegetables may give the best...

Could taurine be the key to energised personal care?

27-Aug-2014 - Energised toothpaste, shampoo and skin care could be the next big thing for personal care consumers in the UK, as a new market report pinpoints consumers’ search for something new as a...

Scientists working on nail polish that detects date-rape drugs

26-Aug-2014 - North Carolina State University is attempting to produce a nail polish that will reveal the presence of Rohypnol and GHB in a drink by changing colour.

Beiersdorf develops active ingredient to soothe sensitive skin

22-Aug-2014 - Beiersdorf has conducted research into skin irritation and its causes and used this information develop its new active ingredient that will be used in its Eucerin skin care range.

Kao research identifies natural enzyme to produce sustainable surfactants

21-Aug-2014 - Kao has found a natural enzyme that can produce medium chain fatty acids used as raw materials in the production of surfactants for shampoos and cosmetics, through its research, particularly...

The secret to anti-ageing could be in skin sugars

13-Aug-2014 - Glycans, which are sugars on the surface of cells, might hold the secret to ageing of the skin which bodes well for skin creams being developed, but more research needs...

Inspired by beauty jellies - Laboratoire PYC develops anti-ageing supplement for Asian skin

13-Aug-2014 - France-based Laboratoire PYC has expanded its range of nutricosmetics with an anti-ageing nutritional supplement based on a new on-the-go powdered concept.

Thailand makes move to increase export of agarwood

06-Aug-2014 - One of the most exotic and prized cosmetic ingredients, agarwood oil, is set to become one of Thailand’s newest luxury exports if one major plantation company gets its way.

Scientists synthesize cellulose nanoparticles from waste cotton fibers

05-Aug-2014 - Researchers in Iran have successfully synthesized cellulose nanoparticles by using two environmentally-friendly processes and this could help save costs for the cosmetics industry.

BASF invests in the expansion of its China R&D capabilities

30-Jul-2014 - BASF has announced a significant investment in its research and development facilities in China in an effort to increase its innovations capabilities in a series of industries, including personal care.

Study is the first to link natural moisturizer to food allergies

24-Jul-2014 - Research conducted into natural ingredients in products targeting dry skin has demonstrated evidence of a link between the topical application and the subsequent development of food allergies.

DSM expands vitamin C capabilites with acquisition of Aland China

22-Jul-2014 - Switzerland-based life science and fine chemicals company DSM has acquired Hong Kong-based Aland in a move that expands the company’s Vitamin C manufacturing capabilities for personal care.

Induchem targets expansion into Asia market with new Singapore office

15-Jul-2014 - Switzerland-based cosmetic ingredients company Induchem has announced the opening of its first official sales office in Singapore.

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Beiersdorf Research: Consumer demand dictates skin science

08-Jul-2014 - In an exclusive interview with, Horst Wenck, corporate vice president of R&D at Beiersdorf, says that it is important to carry out advanced skin science research but that it...

Clever technology analyses personalized gender expression by use of make-up

02-Jul-2014 - A multi-disciplinary team of scientists working at the University of Western Australia (UWA) have developed a mathematical model that allows a computer to identify the gender of human faces based...

Oxea’s China specialty esters facility starts production

26-Jun-2014 - Germany-based fine chemicals player Oxea says that its Nanjing, China specialty esters facility is now up and running, and will meet growing demand for the compound in the Asia Pacific...

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EU-US trade talks look positive, and cosmetics is on the agenda

25-Jun-2014 - The European Commission will host a sixth round of EU-US trade talks next month on a new trade and investment deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or...

Asia researchers look at new ways to harvest seaweed for cosmetics

12-Jun-2014 - Although seaweed farming has been in practice for 100's of years in Asia, researchers now say they are focused on a new method that isn’t as labor-intensive to harvest the...

Skin barrier function study highlights oatmeal efficacy

10-Jun-2014 - Newly published results of an in-vivo clinical trial for Oat Cosmetics’ multifunctional ingredient Oat COM have highlighted its skin repair properties are ‘significant’.

Microchip-based human organs could prove to be an animal testing alternative

04-Jun-2014 - A research team in the US say they have developed a technology using ‘organs on chips’ to mimic living cells, a step that could give way to alternatives to animal...

Perfume prediction tool on the radar

15-May-2014 - A group of scientists have developed a model aimed at helping perfumers predict how various ingredient and chemicals will smell.

China making in-vitro testing efforts to keep up with West

14-May-2014 - As China prepares to end mandatory animal testing for domestically-produced non-specialist cosmetics, researchers and officials are getting up to speed with the alternative testing methods available. 

Seminar focuses on animal-free cosmetic testing methods in China

01-May-2014 - An initiative by an animal rights lobby group has meant that scientists in China will be trained how to use in vitro methods to test cosmetics as an alternative to using animal...

BASF ramps up Asian production with aromas facility in Malaysia

30-Apr-2014 - BASF has started construction of a new aromas production facility in Malaysia through a joint venture with the Malaysia-based Petronas Chemicals Group.

Shiseido skin protection research points to new skin care technology

23-Apr-2014 - Cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido will use research efforts into Langerhans cells and a function of skin immunity to develop a new line of skin care products as a solution for maintaining...

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