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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin discoloration, anti-ageing technologies and hair regeneration? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae and spider silk in the labs of Universities, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

L'Oreal acknowledges South Korea for dermatology initiative

02-Jul-2015 - At the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology, South Korea represented the Asia Pacific region for its 'voluntary social responsibility and hard work' in the area of dermatology.

New Zealand scientists find Kanuka honey to bee the cure for rosacea sufferers

01-Jul-2015 - Scientists have discovered that New Zealand Kanuka honey in skin care gives new hope for the 5-10% of adults who suffer from rosacea, a chronic red facial rash where long-term antibiotics are...

Symrise scoops up PCHi 'Breakthrough Innovation Award'

17-Jun-2015 - The PCHi Innovation Breakthrough Award went to Symrise's re-balancing skin barrier ingredient - SymRepair 100. According to the company, its products are developed to meet Asia's high expectations for valuable and effective cosmetics....

SkinCare Ingredients 2015

The importance of applying a sunscreen properly on product efficacy

16-Jun-2015 - In the lab the product may pass all the tests, but if it is not applied properly then this could be irrelevant, meaning the spreadability of a product can be...

L’Oréal uses ultrathin skin devices to measure hydration and thermal transport

09-Jun-2015 - The cosmetics industry is no stranger to technology and L’Oréal has demonstrated how a wearable device could have a big future in cosmetology and dermatology for thermal evaluations in a...

SkinCare Ingredients 2015

NuSkin applies scientific rigour to the essential oils trend

04-Jun-2015 - Essential oils have been valued by many cultures for centuries and recently, as consumers have moved towards a preference for natural cosmetics, essential oils have become more prevalent in beauty...

P&G invests in Singapore's 3-D human skin research

04-Jun-2015 - Personal care giant, Procter & Gamble is funding a five-year research project to develop 3D printed skin tissue with Singapore's government’s Agency for Science, Technology & Research.

P&G sets off on 3D bioprinted skin research project

03-Jun-2015 - Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble is following its rivals down the 3D skin printing road as it looks to fund a five year research project to develop a commercial...

Researcher uses ‘green chemistry’ to quantify components in cosmetics

03-Jun-2015 - A Spanish researcher has developed three ‘green’ analytical methods to simultaneously analyse various components used in cosmetics products such as sunscreens, perfumes and shampoos, all in the name of consumer...

Japanese anti-ageing beer has arrived

12-May-2015 - Each can of the new beverage, being marketed as a beauty enhancer, contains 2 grams of collagen.

Croda breaks ground on first ever facility to produce sustainable non-ionic surfactants

06-May-2015 - Croda International has started construction on a site in Delaware that will be the first ever manufacturing facility to produce sustainable non-ionic surfactants.

The power of seaweed! Marinova's marine based skin care 'breaks new ground'

30-Apr-2015 - Australian biotechnology company Marinova has been acknowledged by the industry for its work on skin care bioactives from marine-plant extracts.

Croda: ‘As East meets West we see oil-based product popularity soar’

29-Apr-2015 - Oil-based products have soared in popularity over recent times and cleansing oils are part of this upsurge, taking influence from Asia in what ingredients supplier Croda is calling the ‘East...

Sun Care Special Newsletter

We need to talk about IR: Coty focuses on infrared radiation and sun protection

28-Apr-2015 - When we think of sun care and sun protection we often concern ourselves with UV exposure, but we should also be protecting ourselves against infrared radiation according to Coty, which...

in-cosmetics coverage

Who knew! Sea anemone found to combat skin ageing

21-Apr-2015 - On speaking with Dr Alain Khaiat at in-cosmetics Barcelona, he directed Cosmetics Design's attention to his relationship with StartletDerma, whose work with sea anemones has led to a new method in collagen...

Exclusive interview

P&G looks to expand its anti-pollution skin care offerings

16-Apr-2015 - In Asia, Procter & Gamble is already at the forefront in providing anti-pollution skin care solutions. In the second part of this exclusive interview we take a look at the...

Exclusive interview

P&G research stays one step ahead on anti-pollution skin care

15-Apr-2015 - Anti-pollution is a claim we are starting to see more and more of on skin care products in Asia, and increasingly worldwide. This exclusive interview lifts the lid on how...

'Lab grown' diamonds could mean more affordable luxury skin care

14-Apr-2015 - Diamond encrusted skin care creams are indeed a luxury both for the wearer and their pocket, but now scientists say they can replicate the gem in labs, which suggests cheaper...

Biodegradable beauty wipe alternatives

13-Apr-2015 - Wet wipe makers are being urged to consider the post-consumer life of the product as buyer expectations and pollution figures mount.  

Scientists develop first ever perfume that makes you smell better the more you sweat

07-Apr-2015 - Wouldn’t it be great if the more you worked up a sweat the less you would have to worry about social awkwardness and the better you would smell? Well thanks...

Study reveals how hair density is lost and cuticles become more fragile with ageing

02-Apr-2015 - Changes in hair density and elasticity are most likely to occur in the 40-50 year old age range and hair will most likely become more fragile at this time too...

Are suppliers deceiving the industry? - Asia's creams still found to contain shark oil

01-Apr-2015 - A recent study carried out by NGO, Bloom Association has found more than half of the skin creams (8 of 15) they had tested featuring the words 'squalane', to still contain shark...

PCHi Insight: Part Two

Mibelle talks targeted growth in China and regulatory challenges

25-Mar-2015 - In the second part of this interview with Switzerland-based Mibelle Biochemistry, managing director Dr. Fred Zulli shares his vision about targeted ingredient launches for the China market, while underlining the...

Scientists develop targeted laser therapy to deactivate acne-causing glands

24-Mar-2015 - Scientists have found a way to deactivate the overproducing skin glands that cause acne, potentially offering a cure for the condition, using ultrasound, gold particles, and lasers.

PCHi insight: Part One

Mibelle: "Consumers now believe 'Made In China' can represent high quality"

24-Mar-2015 - Here, Cosmetics Design catches up with Dr. Fred Zulli, managing director of Mibelle Biochemistry, to find out how the Switzerland-based biotechnology ingredients provider is planning on increasing its footprint in...

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