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Animal testing study leads to research nomination for young scholar


A Pakistani scholar has been nominated for a 2012 Young Researcher Lush Prize thanks to his work concerning alternatives to animal testing in cosmetics development.

Tariq Mahmood, who is the Higher Education Commission (HEC) PhD scholar at Faculty of Pharmacy & Alternative Medicine Islamia University of Bahawalpur, has been short listed by HEC under the category “Young Researcher” of the Lush Prize 2012.

Mahmood’s work, aided through his HEC indigenous scholarship, demonstrates superior analytical research capabilities and led to him specializing in the area of cosmetics development, safety and efficacy; playing a key role in designing and conducting his study which could be presented as an alternate method of assessing cosmetics and topical formulations safety by ensuring animal free testing.

Mahmood represents the only nomination from Asia, with the five others nominated from the USA, UK, Norway, Italy and Portugal. The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony to be held on November 15th 2012 in London.

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