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Lipotec launches two new peptides at in-cosmetics Asia

Last updated on 19-Nov-2012 at 17:52 GMT2012-11-19T17:52:42Z

Lipotec recently unveiled two of its newest peptides at the trade show, one said to focus on discomfort in sensitive skin (Delisens) and the other (Telangyn) to improve redness, such as rosacea.

According to the company, Delisens weakens inflammation and relieves itching by inhibiting Proteinase-Activated Receptor 2 (PAR-2)-induced release of pro-inflammatory mediators, which is "fundamental to the processing of pruritic or/ad inflammatory signals"

While Telangyn is said to diminish LL-37-induced release of interleukins (IL)-6 and IL-8, also proving in the in vitro stage to have a significant anti-collagenase activity, to improve skin firmness and elasticity by decreasing the degradation of collagen, while providing photoprotection to cells.

"The active's anti-tyrosinase activity and capacity to reduce melanin content increases the evenness of the skin tone, diminishing the hyperpigmentation and improving the dull appearance of the skin," says a company spokesperson.

Both active ingredients are part of Aimtec, Lipotec’s brand for peptides and organic molecules, designed specifically for sensitive skin.


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