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HI-Japan show wrap: Ageing (& shrinking) population forces government-led nutrition rethink

13-Oct-2014 - Japan has always led the world in functional food experimentation even if the results of most of that have remained within the confines of the 127.3m-strong nation with the world's...


A look at Asia's most innovative product launches - Mintel roundup

18-Sep-2014 - Asia is often viewed as the centre of beauty innovation. Here, Cosmetics Design rounds up galleries of the product launches that have stood out most to Mintel in the hair, skin and luxury packaging...

Inspired by beauty jellies - Laboratoire PYC develops anti-ageing supplement for Asian skin

13-Aug-2014 - France-based Laboratoire PYC has expanded its range of nutricosmetics with an anti-ageing nutritional supplement based on a new on-the-go powdered concept.

Cosmeceuticals expecting double digit growth across Asia

09-Apr-2014 - China, India and Japan will all participate in the upcoming growth of cosmeceuticals in the Asia Pacific region, according to Ken Research’s latest market report.

A smoothie way to improve skin appearance

07-Jan-2014 - A group of university students have taken to a specially designed smoothie diet in an attempt to see if it will help improve skin appearance.

Japanese ingredient takes off in US BFW products

25-Nov-2013 - A plant-based compound with a long history in Japanese cosmetic formulations is now gaining popularity on the US markets as the West starts to recognise its efficacious properties. ...

Omega-3 shown to provide protection against sun damage and skin cancer

28-Feb-2013 - Taking omega-3 fish oils could help protect the skin against sun damage and boost skin immunity to sunlight, protecting against skin cancer.

Eastern influence could see beauty drinks quench thirst in the West

13-Feb-2013 - Compared to the likes of Asia and even Europe, the US has been a bit slower on the uptake of nutricosmetics; however the Eastern influence couple with the numerous launches...

‘Girly men’ could opt for alcoholic beauty beverages – Mintel

30-Jul-2012 - Beauty beverages are big business in Japan and looking beyond regulatory hurdles preventing alcohol launches in the EU, could find a market with men, according to Mintel.

Looking within: BFW trends so far in 2012...

26-Jun-2012 - With the global beauty from within market set to reach sales figures as high as €4 billion by 2015, Cosmetics Design rounded up the trends the nutricosmetics sector has seen...

UK scientists unlock cocoa's health potential for the nutricosmetic market

08-Jun-2012 - Scientists at biotechnology firm Lycotec are offering an up to date development for anti-ageing nutricosmetic products by discovering a way to modify chocolate from its cocoa flavanols - an essential factor...

Euromonitor: global beauty from within sales to reach €4 billion by 2015

29-May-2012 - According to a presentation delivered by Euromonitor’s head of wellness and health at this year’s in-cosmetics event in Barcelona, the global beauty from within market is set to reach sales...

Can the nutricosmetic market finally crack the US?

23-May-2012 - Despite trending high with European and Japanese consumers, the US market for nutricosmetics has always trailed, although North American consumers are now noticing convenient functional food, beverage and supplements with...

GIA predicts nutricosmetics market will reach $4.24bn by 2017

05-Apr-2011 - Increasing awareness among consumers, an aging population, and an inclination towards less invasive beauty treatments, will help to drive the nutricosmetics market in the next few years, according to a...

Nestlé’s Glowelle beauty from within brand ‘no longer available for purchase’

11-Feb-2011 - Nestlé has confirmed via its social networking page on Facebook that its beauty from within drink Glowelle will no longer be available for purchase.

Lallemand launches yeast-based ingredient targeting nutricosmetics market

02-Feb-2011 - Denmark-based ingredient provider Lallemand Health Ingredients has launched a range of yeast-based mineral and vitamins as part of its Lalmin range.

Latin America poised for beauty growth

30-Sep-2010 - Latin American countries, particularly Brazil and Mexico, are predicted to show stellar growth in the beauty and personal care market over the next five years, according to a conference...

Japan market leads the way for anti-aging products

23-Sep-2010 - A rapidly aging population and a cultural penchant for maintaining a youthful appearance means that Japan is likely to lead the way in the anti-aging beauty segment.

Special edition: Beauty from within

Regulation: Cosmeceutical confusion continues

27-Aug-2010 - In the fourth part of our special beauty from within series, we take a look at the regulations governing what you can say about nutriscosmetics products – which, in most...

Food beats cosmetics and pharma to nutra frontiers

26-Nov-2009 - Food companies are showing far more interest in nutricosmetics and nutraceuticals than pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, according to Bernstein Research.

News in brief

Nescafé launches collagen coffee

20-Oct-2009 - The Switzerland-headquartered food giant Nestlé has launched a collagen containing instant coffee as part of its Nescafé body partner range.

New study supports antioxidant supplements for ageing skin

07-Oct-2009 - Taking a dietary supplement containing coenzyme Q10 and a selection of antioxidants and minerals can decrease skin roughness and fine wrinkles, according to a recent study.

Beauty foods grow threefold, says Mintel

11-Sep-2009 - Global food and drink products claiming to enhance beauty increased threefold over the past three years indicating a market ready to take off, said Mintel.

Beauty drink prototype, 'the crown jewel' for Frutarom at food trade show

10-Jun-2009 - A beauty drink prototype made with Frutarom’s new ingredient Collactive is the prize offering from the company at this year’s IFT trade show.

Japanese nutricosmetics ingredient goes mainstream

03-Jun-2009 - Found in beauty soup and marshmallows in Japan, the powerful antioxidant ingredient CoQ10 is entering new markets.

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