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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are dominating Asia or if male grooming is taking off on the region? 

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments in Asia Pacific.

Hair straightening no longer a one-size-fits-all category

26-Sep-2014 - Innovative technologies and products have revolutionised the hair straightening category and made it one of the most dynamic hair care categories, driven by demand for hair control and lifestyle changes. ...


A look at Asia's most innovative product launches - Mintel roundup

18-Sep-2014 - Asia is often viewed as the centre of beauty innovation. Here, Cosmetics Design rounds up galleries of the product launches that have stood out most to Mintel in the hair, skin and luxury packaging...

Sunscreen is vital protection for outdoor sports

17-Sep-2014 - For those living an active lifestyle sun exposure can be unavoidable meaning that taking protective measures, such as applying sunscreen, is very important to avoid skin damage or even skin...

Indonesian palm oil problem as 49% of tropical deforestation results from illegal clearing

16-Sep-2014 - Nearly half of all recent tropical deforestation is the result of illegal clearing for commercial agriculture, according to a new report, with a large amount of it in Indonesia being...

PCHi focuses on new ‘hot’ segments - botanical whitening and packaging design

16-Sep-2014 - Organizers of the eighth edition of the Personal Care & Homecare Ingredients show are zoning in on botanical whitening and packaging design, segments they report to be ‘hot’ in the...

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Beauty from within supplements: how to win the consumer

12-Sep-2014 - According to Datamonitor, as the beauty from within segment evolves, cosmetic manufacturers are now focused on researching solutions to better meet consumer expectations and convince of a supplement's effectiveness. ...

New launch claims to be India’s first ever Halal cosmetics line

11-Sep-2014 - Iba Halal Cosmetics has been launched as a new line in the state of Gujurat, India and is claimed to be the country’s first ever Halal certified cosmetics line.

Cosme Tokyo puts the spotlight on organic and natural products for kids

11-Sep-2014 - With growing demand for natural and organic personal care products targeting expectant mothers, babies and kids, the organisers of Cosme Tokyo have highlighted a selection at the event.

Latin America body care market spells big opportunities

10-Sep-2014 - Economic and population growth are feeding a significant rise in the value of the body care category in the main Latin American markets. And growth is expected to continue, according to...

Japanese brands respond to huge domestic demand for ‘naturals’ trend

10-Sep-2014 - Brands in Japan are getting into gear on the naturals trend, as recent sales figures show consumer enthusiasm for such cosmetics is booming.

Asian cosmetics Summit to guide brands on lower environmental impact

10-Sep-2014 - The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is set to outline practical steps Asian cosmetic companies can take to lower their environmental impacts, particularly with raw materials, formulations, production processes, packaging and distribution. ...

*Asia in Focus Special*

A roundup of Florence Bernardin's expert advice on cracking Asia's markets..

09-Sep-2014 - Reporting from the cosmetic trenches in Asia, monthly contributor Florence Bernardin has been guiding cosmetic players on where they should be investing and why. Here, rounds up some of...

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Mintel: hair care aligning itself with the skin care sector as brightening and illuminating claims shoot up

09-Sep-2014 - The latest report from Mintel reveals the global hair care market is increasingly aligning itself with the skin care sector, with botanical and herbal claims at the forefront.

Natural & Organic show represents new focus in Asia

03-Sep-2014 - As natural and organic supplement and beauty brands flocked to Hong Kong for the first Natural & Organic Products Asia event last week, the show is proof that consumer preference for green is on the up in Asia....

Cosme Tokyo and Cosme Tech open up to visitor registration

02-Sep-2014 - Reed Japan, organiser of the Cosme Tokyo and Cosme Tech event in Tokyo, Japan, has officially opened up registration to any visitors.

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Sun care manufacturers tapping into 'easy use' heats up the global market

02-Sep-2014 - According to Datamonitor, as the sun care market continues to boom, manufacturers incorporating multi-functionality into their products will see the most success.

Asia in Focus

Fragrance in Asia - a segment worth investing in?

02-Sep-2014 - Although the fragrance category can hold it's own in the West, it's still small business in Asia which our expert says it due to several cultural reasons and warns that...

Japan cuts tax on cosmetics to cash in on growing tourism

27-Aug-2014 - The Japanese government has announced that certain cosmetics purchases will soon be tax-free for foreigners visiting the country, in a move that aims to increase tourist spending in the country.

Indonesian expo to platform halal cosmetics

27-Aug-2014 - With the market continuing to grow for halal products, the Indonesian Ulema Council is readying for a big expo in Jakarta this October that will provide a platform to halal...

Beyond Beauty forges closer ties with the Philippines cosmetics industry

26-Aug-2014 - Beyond Beauty ASEAN is looking to increase its footprint in the Southeast Asian cosmetics market having signed a memorandum that targets closer ties with the beauty industry in the Philippines.

Mintel: eye care innovation in Asia

26-Aug-2014 - Asia is often viewed as the centre of cosmetic innovation. Here, Mintel rounds up some of the eye care products dominating the region's markets..

Cosmetics and fragrance help drive Indian online retail

20-Aug-2014 - Online retail is continuing to expand at world-leading growth rates, helped along by the continued popularity of cosmetic and fragrance purchases.

Natural cosmetics demand pushing pomegranate popularity in Asia

20-Aug-2014 - With an increasing demand for Peruvian fresh pomegranate in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, exports will grow by 57.7% in 2014 totaling more than US$28 million.

Creating brand loyalty most beneficial in facial care

19-Aug-2014 - Creating brand loyalty appears to be beneficial in the skin care arena, particularly facial care, but isn’t always the case for other personal care categories such as colour cosmetics.

Scientific skin care on the agenda at South Korea Conference

19-Aug-2014 - The new South Korea International Conference will have a focus on scientific skin care as it looks to capitalise on the booming cosmetics market in the region.

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