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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are dominating Asia or if male grooming is taking off on the region? 

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments in Asia Pacific.

2016 - a momentous year for the halal segment in Asia

24-Aug-2016 - In 2016, Cosmetics Design witnessed brands and governments in non-Muslim majority countries in Asia become more eager than ever to invest and grow the halal industry. Here, we take a...

Henkel and BASF collaborate to make Indonesia palm production more viable

23-Aug-2016 - Targeting the fact that 40% of the world's palm oil is produced by small- to medium sized farmers, BASF and Henkel have collaborated with development organisation Solidaridad to help make...

Why is the Vietnamese cosmetic market dominated by multinationals?

23-Aug-2016 - Multinational and foreign cosmetic and personal care companies are fast taking control of the growing number of opportunities in the country’s expanding industry.

Perfect365 makeup app partners with Naked Cosmetics

22-Aug-2016 - The digital makeover tool business continues to expand. Perfect365 is a case in point, teaming with beauty bloggers and YouTube stars for a new feature, adding patriotic looks to coincide...

Country Focus: Indonesia

Opportunity in Indonesia sparks race for market entry and expansion

19-Aug-2016 - Indonesia is powering ahead in terms of economic development, driven by rapid growth in the population and the economy. And this is translating into a surge in beauty product spend...


Rise of wellness: the ‘clean beauty’ trend

12-Aug-2016 - Linked closely with the rise of the clean eating trend, clean beauty is quietly becoming something of craze. In this newsletter special, we review our archives to follow its rise,...

Special Focus: Skin Whitening

Why the dynamics are changing for skin whitening in Asia

11-Aug-2016 - Skin whitening has been a mega trend in Asia for a number of years now, but with questions over the safety of some ingredients and several skin whitening campaigns causing...

Second edition of Personal Care India Expo opens this month

10-Aug-2016 - The Personal Care India Expo will open its doors in New Delhi later this month, following the success of the first event held in conjunction with industries bodies.

Ethical labelling tops the bill at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Asia

10-Aug-2016 - A number of key topics will lead the programme at this year’s Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Hong Kong, with ethical labelling high on agenda, alongside pollution, green ingredients and packaging....

Country Spotlight: India

India: the market to watch in the next few years

04-Aug-2016 - For years the market for cosmetics and personal care products in India has shown promise but has not quite lived up to expectations. Now all that is changing as the...

Lip colour sales shine in UK: 12% growth predicted for 2016

02-Aug-2016 - New data from Mintel reveals that 2016 is tipped to be a big year for lip colours in the UK: the segment grew by 8% between 2014 and 2015, and...

The 21st Cosmoprof Asia event will be one show in two venues

02-Aug-2016 - This year the organiser has made the bold move to divide up packaging, ingredients and processing equipment with the finished goods side of the business.

Predictions for a local production model in beauty manufacture

28-Jul-2016 - The global beauty industry could soon be done on a much more local supply chain model thanks to the rise of digital printing, according to a leading trend forecaster.

Spending on beauty up in China, despite cooling economy

27-Jul-2016 - Chinese consumers are still keen to spend on beauty in China, according to newly released research from Mintel, with the majority of those surveyed stating they spent more on facial...

Sun care benefits tipped to be essential in beauty

27-Jul-2016 - Sun care functionality is tipped to become an increasingly essential demand for personal care products, according to market research firm Kline.

Eye on the Trends in Asia: Ethical

27-Jul-2016 - Four key trends are set to define the Asia Pacific skin care market in the coming period, according to recent research by Euromonitor International. In this mini-series , Cosmetics Design takes...

Eye on the Trends in Asia: digital

26-Jul-2016 - Four key skin care trends for the Asia Pacific region have been identified by Euromonitor International for the period up ahead. In this mini series , Cosmetics Design takes a closer...

Eye on the Trends in Asia: Well-being

21-Jul-2016 - Well-being within beauty and personal care is one of four key trends tipped to define the skin care market in Asia in the coming years, according to the latest research...

What to expect from this year’s in-cosmetics Asia

21-Jul-2016 - A big emphasis is set to be placed on R&D at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia, which is due to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, 8 - 10 November.

Milk of Magnesia influences make-up trend as cheap alternative to primer

20-Jul-2016 - Can you picture Kim Kardashian flogging Milk of Magnesia as the latest go-to primer? Nope, me neither. Nevertheless, the milky white liquid traditionally used to treat stomach pain IS proving...

Eye on the Trends in Asia: customisation

20-Jul-2016 - Four key trends are tipped to define the skin care market in Asia in the coming years, according to research from Euromonitor International. In this series of specials, Cosmetics Design...

Top four consumer skin care demands from Asia Pacific

19-Jul-2016 - The top skin care demands from Asian consumers have been revealed, with younger consumers having a particularly weighty impact on the direction of the category.

Evolution of sensation – why sensory matters so much now

14-Jul-2016 - Touch has such a big impact on human emotions. Have you ever noticed how the feel of your personal care products can have a similar effect? In this guest article from...

LF Beauty: meeting Asian consumers' needs has 'never been more challenging'

13-Jul-2016 - The president of LF Beauty, a third party manufacturer and supplier, has spoken of the challenges and opportunities being posed for beauty by the Asia market.

What the end of the beard trend might mean for men’s grooming

08-Jul-2016 - Trend watchers have been predicting the end of the beard trend for several years now, but with solid evidence pointing to its demise, how will it affect the men’s grooming...

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