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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are dominating Asia or if male grooming is taking off on the region? 

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments in Asia Pacific.

L2 reports global brands are missing opportunities for localization in Asia

30-Jul-2015 - According to market researcher 'L2 Think Tank', while China has taken over as the biggest market for e-commerce, most global brands present in the country have failed to capitalize on localized...

Japan to lure more tourists with app that translates product labels into different languages

30-Jul-2015 - Japan's efforts to attract as many tourists as possible in the run up to the Olympic Games continues with a new mobile app that allows visitors to translate products into their own...

Halal-based colour cosmetics segment is Asia's strongest contender

28-Jul-2015 - A rising Muslim population in Asia has seen halal production and consumption increase, where the colour cosmetics sector is dominating demand.

Shoppers from China & Taiwan boost Japan duty-free sales

28-Jul-2015 - The Japanese government is easing up on visa rules and expanding the scope of duty-free shopping as it prepares to host the Olympic Games in 2020.

Japan's new wave of beauty devices… for men

23-Jul-2015 - While beauty devices have become popular with Asian women in recent years, brands, aware of a rise in spending on male grooming on the region, have started to cater more cosmetics...

India and China: the main markets to see colour cosmetics growth by 2020

22-Jul-2015 - Persistence Market Research has reported India and China to be leading the way in Asia's colour cosmetics sector, thanks to higher disposable incomes and a rise in consciousness about appearance....

The ‘sweet treats’ influencing South Korea's beauty industry

21-Jul-2015 - Research firm, Gama has taken stock of the ‘sweet treats’ influencing the beauty industry in 2015, where confectionery aromas are bringing a sensory element to colour cosmetics.

Men boost South Korea's cosmetics sales

17-Jul-2015 - As the women's cosmetics market becomes saturated, male grooming is leading the way in South Korea, which has seen personal care companies step up their marketing efforts with men....

Texture and innovation drive UK’s self-tanning market on

16-Jul-2015 - The UK may be subject to a number of ‘bad weather’ jokes but that doesn’t leave Brits looking pale as the self-tanning products market is set to maintain strong growth...

Datamonitor Comment

As China's women fight for 'body hair freedom', how will the personal care sector be hit?

16-Jul-2015 - As men strive to keep themselves baby smooth, women are now challenging the characteristics of traditional femininity, one of which being hairless armpits, by growing their underarm hair.

Asia in Focus

Snail slime becomes old hat as horse oil takes precedence in Korea's Seoul

14-Jul-2015 - What does horse oil, donkey and goat milk all have in common? Well, according to our Asia cosmetics market expert, they are currently the most sought after 'natural' ingredients in...

Seaweed - hugely favoured in cosmetics, sees high attendance at focused conference in Korea

09-Jul-2015 - Seaweed harvesters around the globe have seen demand skyrocket in recent years as science discovered the macro algae beneficial for the farming, food and beauty industries. In Asia, seaweed joins the...

Strap: Lip Colour of the Year

50 shades of lipsticks

08-Jul-2015 - Heathrow airport has teamed up with World Duty Free and beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis to release the inaugural International Lipstick Colours of the Year Report, which reveals the lipstick looks...

Euromonitor insight

Southeast Asia's top 4 markets: how to tap into consumer purchasing power

07-Jul-2015 - Euromonitor has revealed ASEAN's four largest markets – Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia to be key for multinationals looking to enter the AEC. This gallery compiles the firm's detailed insights...

China market set for slower growth as economy cools

07-Jul-2015 - After the massive boom in the China cosmetics market seen during the past decade, growth continues at a breakneck pace, but is the slowest since 2005, reflecting signs of economic maturity.

Japan leads the way in nutricosmetics innovation

01-Jul-2015 - As consumers in Asia become aware of the benefits of nutricosmetics, the region is set to dominate the global growth of the segment as demand for green credentials takes on...

June's Quiz!

Test Yourself!'s June Quiz!

01-Jul-2015 - So, it’s that time again - have you been paying attention to the breaking news this month? Did you do well/ badly last month and want to maintain/ improve your...

First in-cosmetics Korea show 'exceeds industry expectation'

30-Jun-2015 - According to the organisers of in-cosmetics Korea, the event on June 15-16th lived up to its promise of 'new international show for Korea', exceeding industry expectations.

Skincare Ingredients Special

Cosmetics Design's skin care event - what to expect!

19-Jun-2015 - On June 24th, the fifth edition of Cosmetics Design's Skin Care Ingredients event will go live! Here, we give you a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from the...

Indian women's cosmetics market driven by aspiration and advertising

18-Jun-2015 - The women’s cosmetics market in India is forecast to grow at a record pace over the course of the next five years, fueled by aggressive advertising and higher levels of...

Japan to further ease visa restrictions to boost sales

17-Jun-2015 - The Japanese government is reducing its visa requirements as well as investing in language services to encourage tourist spending in the country.

Olay 'breakthrough study' discovers gene expression changes that impact the skin's ageing process

17-Jun-2015 - Olay has carried out in-depth research that shows how gene expression changes impact the appearance and quality of women's skin as they age across every decade.

Asia in Focus

Foam, gel and oil textures - Asia's new wave of formulations

16-Jun-2015 - What makes cosmetics exciting today for both Asia's R&D formulators and consumers alike? Well, regional expert Florence Bernardin says layering textures, particularly in skin care products has been providing inspiration...

Southeast Asia ramps up biggest demand for halal cosmetics

16-Jun-2015 - According to Future Market Insights, Southeast Asia accounts for the bulk of the demand for halal cosmetics in the region, due to high Muslim populations.

Skin care meets literature as Bulldog and Penguin collaborate on limited edition sets

12-Jun-2015 - Bulldog Skincare has signed a unique collaboration with global publisher Penguin Books as it looks to capitalise on Father’s Day with some exclusive gift sets.

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