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Consumers must be educated to make cosmetics packaging sustainable

17-Apr-2014 - Educating consumers is the only way brand owners can ensure that cosmetic packaging reaches sustainability goals according to a Korean chemical manufacturer.

Euromonitor highlights the latest moves in the emerging markets

17-Apr-2014 - At last week's in-cosmetics Hamburg event Cosmetics Design spoke to Euromonitor International's head of beauty and personal care, Irina Barbalova to find out what are the latest developments in the...

Beauty brands hit and miss with video advertising

16-Apr-2014 - Recent video advertising campaigns by Dove and Veet have met with criticism from consumers and professional commentators, emphasizing the importance of the increasingly dominant marketing format for the beauty industry. ...

L'Oréal setting up India hair colour price battle?

16-Apr-2014 - International cosmetics giant L'Oréal has launched a new mass-market level product onto the Indian hair colourant segment, in a move that could ignite a price war.

Trend for beards leads to new opportunities in facial hair grooming

16-Apr-2014 - The male grooming category has been promising plenty of opportunities for many years, but it never seems to have delivered, a fact that has been underlined once again by the...

Pond’s moves to leverage India’s strengthening male grooming

15-Apr-2014 - The upcoming growth predicted for India’s male grooming sector is an opportunity that Pond’s, a beauty brand from Hindustan Unilever (HUL), is looking to exploit in the near future, with a...

Brazil remains a market full of opportunities, says ABIHPEC exec

14-Apr-2014 - Cosmetics Design caught up with Daniel Oliveira, of ABIHPEC's business intelligence unit, who explained that there are still big opportunities in the market for cosmetics and personal care, despite signs...

Beiersdorf: collaboration breeds innovation

09-Apr-2014 - In an exclusive interview at the in-cosmetics event in Hamburg, Beiersdorf R&D corporate director Andreas Clausen tells Cosmetics Design that conversing and sharing ideas with the industry is still leading...

First ever 'Kosmetica' beauty event caters to India's rapid growth

09-Apr-2014 - With the Indian cosmetic industry forecaste to reach $200 billion by 2020, more beauty focused events are springing up all over the country, Kosmetica being the first of its kind...

Cosmeceuticals expecting double digit growth across Asia

09-Apr-2014 - China, India and Japan will all participate in the upcoming growth of cosmeceuticals in the Asia Pacific region, according to Ken Research’s latest market report.

Voice of the Industry

Will King fights for personal care players in sluggish male grooming sector

08-Apr-2014 - The rambunctious founder of UK men’s grooming brand King of Shaves says he disagrees with the suggestion that the big personal care players do not know how to communicate with men....

"Ask the consumer what they need, and tailor your response," says expert on data analysis

08-Apr-2014 - Beauty brands taking up the opportunities offered by big data are profiting big, both from the cost-saving and money-making prospects analysis can offer.

Opportunities in skin care and make-up to push US sales on, says Kline

07-Apr-2014 - Skin care and make-up continue to propel the US personal care market forward despite tough societal and economic conditions.

Cosmetics arena getting competitive in Australia

03-Apr-2014 - The cosmetics sector in Australia has recorded unexpectedly steady growth of late, according to the latest market report from IBISWorld, and rising competitivity means brands must continue to adapt to...

China to banish poverty by using hemp – even in cosmetics

03-Apr-2014 - The Chinese government is now actively promoting hemp cultivation in various industries, including cosmetics, as a tool for lifting rural Chinese out of poverty.

Consumers look to bloggers, a trend being underlined in the nail care category

02-Apr-2014 - Consumers are turning to bloggers and online mediums to educate themselves about beauty and personal care, according to the latest social media trends update from Mintel.

Symrise and Ashland win Breakthrough Innovation Awards at PCHi 2014

02-Apr-2014 - Cosmetics ingredients suppliers Symrise and Ashland scooped top honours at the China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards at the PCHi trade event earlier this year, both winning the Breakthrough...

Beyond Beauty ASEAN-Bangkok highlights features of new event

02-Apr-2014 - The organisers of Beyond Beauty ASEAN-Bangkok say that a press conference and forum held in Bangkok earlier this month attracted a lot of attention and exhibitor bookings.

in-Cosmetics opens its doors in Hamburg, Germany!

01-Apr-2014 - One of the biggest events in the cosmetic industry calendar opens for business in Hamburg today, with a packed programme that will spotlight Brazil, together with conferences, workshops, new features...

Colgate-Palmolive commended for sustainable palm oil sourcing plan

27-Mar-2014 - Colgate-Palmolive has become the latest company to join the movement towards deforestation-free palm oil, which many believe adds weight to the movement towards a more sustainable industry.

The rise of the silkworm cocoon in skin care

26-Mar-2014 - Silk cocoon-based skin care formulations are really starting to take off in Asia as consumers seek an alternative way to keep the skin radiant and treat the ageing process.

Asia in Focus

Expert reveals the power of TV in Korean beauty buying

25-Mar-2014 - In this month's Asia in Focus, a series that hones in on the segments offering the most opportunities for the industry right now, we look at the power of Korean TV when...

Screens for skin care – a match made in heaven?

20-Mar-2014 - As the old adage goes: knowledge is power, and as we live in an information-demanding world, mobile devices are becoming more important in connecting with the skin care consumer.

Luxury beauty on the up in Thailand

20-Mar-2014 - New statistics from the country’s finance ministry reveal that the luxury goods market in Thailand is proving increasingly robust, suggesting the country is succeeding in its aim to offer an...

*Cosmetics Vision Special*

Time for brands to look outside the box

19-Mar-2014 - When it comes to marketing and advertising, brands need to abandon the pre-existing rules that their categories have, and focus on engaging with the consumer and their needs.

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