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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are dominating Asia or if male grooming is taking off on the region? 

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments in Asia Pacific.

Guest article

Euromonitor runs rule over recent nutraceutical award winners

25-May-2015 - Market analyst Euromonitor International dissects recent NutraIngredients Awards winners to provide category perspective from sustainable omega-3 to healthy ageing in this guest article.

Korean men are becoming the No.1 choice for cosmetic campaigns...

21-May-2015 - South Korea is by far leading the way in male grooming so it's no surprise that men are starting to dominate the cosmetics advertising world.

Sun protection conference postponed until next year

20-May-2015 - The Singapore version of the sun protection & anti-ageing skin care conference originally scheduled for July, has been postponed until next year as organisers cite 'it will take time' for...

Exclusive interview

Plant stem cells are a natural way to speak about anti-ageing, says expert

18-May-2015 - Younger consumers in particular, prefer plant stems cells to traditional ingredients like retinol, giving brands an opportunity to tailor their messaging for different age groups in South Korea.

Shiseido sees opportunity in Japan's pollen concerns

14-May-2015 - As well as experiencing a high pollen count this spring, Japan has been hit by the pollution coming from China, which has opened up a new segment of opportunity for cosmetic players... ...

Beard trend sees Indian men go to great lengths for facial hair

14-May-2015 - From sophisticated rituals to complex and innovative skin care - male grooming in Asia is BIG. Take for example India, where the latest trend is with facial hair loss treatments...

Asia in Focus

Futuristic beauty devices - like you've never seen!

13-May-2015 - In Asia, massage has been traditionally deep rooted in beauty routines which has given modern day cosmetic players like Chanel, Dior and La Mer, food for thought when developing new age skin care...

In-cosmetics Korea taps into market concerns with anti-pollution focus

13-May-2015 - As Asian consumers increasingly demand better results from their skin care regime, the in-cosmetics Korea programme is addressing one of their biggest concerns - pollution.

Are beards trending because men are under pressure?

12-May-2015 - According to the University of Western Australia, the more competition men have to deal with, the more flamboyant they become to assert their dominance. In fact, scientists say beards could...

Exclusive interview

Natural WAS associated with performance compromise, that’s changed now!

08-May-2015 - In the past there were discussions over the use of natural ingredients and this meaning there may be a compromise on performance, but sitting down with Shona Bear, Bulldog Skincare’s...

Asia's senior market not to be underestimated, says Euromonitor

07-May-2015 - Contrary to popular belief that senior consumers are frugal spenders with lower incomes, Euromonitor says they are a growing demographic that cannot be ignored, providing rich opportunities for companies that get it right.  ...

Sun Care Special Newsletter

Sun care: A crucial insight into innovation, trends and regulation

28-Apr-2015 - The sun care category is perhaps one of the most technically advanced, diverse and complex categories in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Sun Care Special Newsletter

Innovative brands are advancing multifunction sun care

28-Apr-2015 - Cosmetics Design checked in with a couple of experts to discover how the latest products in this category are driving sales by inspiring more consumers to use sun care products...

Sun Care Special

Spotlight on Asia: UV protection doesn't 'resonate' and pigmentation concerns are king!

28-Apr-2015 - Exposure to the sun is avoided by all means in Asia. Protection is about obtaining clearer, whiter skin and treating pigmentation irregularities from as young as 15. Thus, experts say UVA...

DSM: ‘You need to inspire your customers by being close to the consumer’

28-Apr-2015 - It is a trend we are seeing a lot these days from ingredients suppliers – conducting their own consumer research – and it is important to do this to ensure...

in-cosmetics coverage

Why Korea? in-cosmetics talks about 'filling the gap' with first event in 10 years!

28-Apr-2015 - With Korea tipped as the fourth largest beauty market in Asia, one wonders why the last personal care ingredients focused event was in 2005. Here, show organiser Ivan Rahal explains...

Young, dynamic population driving Turkey and Middle East growth, says Euromonitor

24-Apr-2015 - A dynamic population seeking tailored solutions is boosting the cosmetics market in Turkey and the Middle East and many global brands are making the most of the region’s growth, according...

in-cosmetics coverage

Asia's cosmetics regulations - what's new and what you need to know!

23-Apr-2015 - The emerging Asian economies are lucrative new markets, but with legislation changing at a fast pace, it can be challenging keeping up to date on requirements. Here, regulatory specialist Alain Khaiat...

SkintechMD launches label-scanning app for cosmetics

22-Apr-2015 - The new CosScann app recommends beauty products for customers depending on what ingredients are listed on the label.

in-cosmetics coverage

Kline talks multicultural product innovation..

21-Apr-2015 - As the multicultural beauty product segment continues to outpace the overall U.S. market’s growth for cosmetics, mainstream brands are investing in varied ranges to cater to this demand.

in-cosmetics coverage

Indonesia's beauty market among 'new growth hot spots'

21-Apr-2015 - With emerging markets slowing down, attention has turned to core businesses and untapped markets such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Cosmetics Design caught up with Euromonitor to discuss new growth hot...

in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015 photo gallery

17-Apr-2015 - in-cosmetics has just closed its doors on the biggest and most eventful show in its 25 year history at the Fira Gran Via expo hall. And here we bring you...

Will cosmetics manufacturers pay more for pigments?

15-Apr-2015 - New data analysis from IBISWorld puts the average price of pigments in 2014 at nearly 65% higher than the price ten years earlier as well as forecasting price increases and...

Multinationals trigger big competition in the Asian beauty devices market

15-Apr-2015 - The Asian beauty market is already well ahead of the rest of the world, leading to the first signs of intense competition, according to an expert at Kline Group.

Asia in Focus

The power of Asia's beauty bloggers: Who they are and what markets they influence

14-Apr-2015 - In Asia, more and more consumers have turned to social media for guidance on trends and style. In fact, 40 per cent of China's online shoppers read and post reviews about products – more...