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From innovation in 3D printing to specialist software and bioplastic packaging, this is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in the ever evolving cosmetics packaging sector.

Bookmark this page to keep up to speed on industry suppliers like HCP, Promens and Topline as well as manufacturers like Unilever and L'Oreal, as they all strive to become greener in their innovation and developments.

Unilever struggling with Indonesia halal certification

17-May-2016 - Unilever, keen to tap into the rising market of halal consumer goods across food and personal care, is up against a challenging situation in Indonesia.

Luxe Pack Shanghai debuts trends incubator

05-Apr-2016 - Luxe Pack Shanghai will this year feature a new “trends incubator” segment at the event, as a means of highlighting packaging innovation at the annual event.

Special Newsletter: Color Cosmetics

Pigments & Organics: Innovation in nail color

30-Mar-2016 - Mineral makeup remains popular in the color cosmetics category, while clean beauty alternatives and organic infusions are nudging in on the beauty market. Here, Suzanne Roberta of Adesse New York...

Special Newsletter - Colour Cosmetics

A pick of the latest colour cosmetics packs

29-Mar-2016 - With so much choice in the colour cosmetics category and so many brands jostling for attention, it can be difficult to stand out. Here, market researcher Mintel has picked out...

Demand for cosmetics packaging colourants strengthening globally

15-Mar-2016 - In a move which confirms the increasing international appetite for plastic colourants in beauty and personal care packaging, Asian manufacturer Tokyo Ink has opened its first base in Mexico.

Leading cosmetics packaging manufacturer sold for reported $775 million

01-Mar-2016 - HCP, a leading global cosmetics packaging manufacturer based in China, has been acquired by investment company Baring Private Equity Asia (known as Baring Asia), in a reported $775 million deal.

State-of-the-art aerosol plant opens in China

25-Feb-2016 - A new aerosol manufacturing plant has been opened by the ACOA (the Alliance of Colep and One Asia), offering a “state-of-the-art” facility in China.

Pack Peek

Pack Peek Gallery - February 2016

23-Feb-2016 - There has been a whole host of new launches, innovations, awards and news from the cosmetics packaging world since the start of the year, and with some shows already under...

Sustainable plastic packaging for The Body Shop

03-Feb-2016 - With the help of a California-based tech company, the global beauty brand is making personal care product containers from captured carbon emissions. 

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek: A new year, new packaging innovations gallery

20-Jan-2016 - So, a new year is upon us and as 2016 is under way, it’s time for a look at the latest news and innovations from the cosmetics packaging world. Flick...

Asia to lead the way in global packaging growth over next 5 years...

19-Jan-2016 - New research from Smithers Pira reveals Asia will be the main region to lead the way in the global packaging market, which is forecast to reach $998 billion in the...

New technology and consumer demand influence 2016 packaging trends

13-Jan-2016 - Brands and manufacturers are constantly innovating packaging as they look to engage consumers and build brand loyalty, and this is seeing six key trends influence the sector, according to market...

Brazilian cosmetics labeler Prakolar acquired

24-Nov-2015 - This weekend, Japan’s SATO, a global auto-ID supplier with solutions for supply chain management, tracking, labels, RFID and more, announced its purchase of the São Paulo–based company. ...

Sustainability Special Newsletter

Synthetic brush fibers as a sustainable choice

05-Nov-2015 - Natural animal hair was once readily available as a by-product of food industries. Now that’s changing along with the global food supply. And, consumer attitudes are shifting too. As a...

Korea’s Samhwa Plastic expands beauty business with Pochet partnership

28-Oct-2015 - The cosmetics division of Samhwa Plastic; 'Mazel' is expanding in leaps and bounds this year, taking its airless packaging expertise to new heights by teaming up with luxury supplier, Pochet...

Luxe Pack Monaco 2015 in pictures...

27-Oct-2015 - Luxe Pack Monaco took place last week (October 21-23) showcasing all the latest luxury packaging innovations. Why not flick through the gallery - if you weren't there it will give...

Packaging supplier, Iggesund to offer Asia 'better service' with Taiwan facility

23-Jul-2015 - Iggesund Paperboard is improving the quality of its distribution service in Asia. A move the company says will help Iggesund and its' customers to 'gain new business'.

Pack Peek July 2015: Taking a peek into the packaging world

22-Jul-2015 - As July ends and summer is in full swing, we take a look at some of the latest news and innovations in the cosmetics and personal care packaging sector.

Does sunscreen labelling need to change after survey uncovers confusion?

30-Jun-2015 - Following confusion among consumers over what protection different sun care products provide, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has called for a change in labelling of sunscreen due to what it...

Amcor expands footprint in China with packaging acquisition

10-Jun-2015 - Amcor has acquired Zhongshan Tiancai Packaging, expanding its footprint in China to ten manufacturing plants.

Advances in metallic decoration for plastic packaging

05-May-2015 - Cosmetic container manufacturers in Asia continue to update foil and metal packaging looks with new technologies and designs.

Exclusive interview

3D printing adding a new dimension to cosmetic packaging

14-Apr-2015 - We spoke to Sarah Hoit, material scientist at Material ConneXion, about the latest developments with 3D printing - and how its use in the packaging business can benefit manufacturers and...

TCM + packaging design stands out with subtlety

07-Apr-2015 - The design studio Nendo created imagery and packages for the new skincare line that elegantly suggest the TCM + brand identity.

Special Newsletter - Men's Grooming

Time for men’s grooming to stand out by going novel

25-Mar-2015 - The importance of packaging in creating identity for men’s grooming means there is set standards for brands to conform to; but opportunities lie in standing out from the traditional offerings...

LiquiGlide dispensing technology gets extra push from private equity funding

09-Mar-2015 - LiquiGlide, the company behind the packaging dispensing innovation of the same name, says it has been given a boost after securing a private equity investment of $7 million.

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