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Our volunteers feel happier, know why!

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The main concern regarding personal care, for people aged 55+ is dry/flaky skin.

It is not only a question of image, but it also of quality of life.

With the hydrating power of Aquaxtrem™, that stimulates the own mechanisms of the skin to balance its moisture, we make people more comfortable and happier in their skin.

We measured this hapiness using FACS analysis, based on analysis of the face's micro expressions. Using a formula exclusively developed for Provital, the results show how our volunteers increased their happiness, hydrating the skin and reducing the discomfort.


The role of natural actives in preventing and repairing pollution damage to skin and hair

Research has linked pollution to the accelerated aging and structural damage of the skin and hair. Efforts are now underway to use natural actives to counter these effects.

Preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation

By preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation, we can visibly improve our appearance and look younger

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How mitophagy detoxifies and energizes the skin for a visible anti-aging effect.

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