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VINIDERM®, a resveratrol derivative from biotechnology to protect skin’s youthfulness!

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Based on the expertise of SOLABIA Research in enzymatic biocatalysis, Viniderm® derives from an innovative, patented process of bioconversion of resveratrol, whose origin is found in the grapes of Languedoc Roussillon, into delta-viniferin, to obtain this powerful antioxidant in higher concentration that naturally found on the vine. Delta-viniferin associated with the other polyphenols of the grape juice confers on Viniderm® a double efficiency. On the one hand, it preserves the skin’s youthfulness by protecting stem cell niches and mitochondrial DNA; on the other hand, it reduces the signs of aging by redensifying the extra-cellular matrix. The shadow of the years fade and the face breathes new life!

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