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Symrise AG

72h Moisturization After One Single Application!

Symrise AG | 14-Jul-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Instant & long lasting moisturizer has clinically proven to deliver 72 hour skin moisturization and intense hair hydration: Hydrovito...

Reduce wrinkles and Illuminate your skin with Superox-C™ !

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics | 16-Jun-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Southern Cross Botanicals, now a subsidiary of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, has developed Superox-C™.The powerful antioxidant activity of Super...

SLIMEXIA, the body slimmer to help cellulite fly away!

Solabia Group | 02-Jun-2014 | PDF Data sheet
A few weeks before THE event of the spring/summer for many of us, the World Cup in Brazil is coming soon! How about becoming inspire...

Seboxyl®, a new direction for oily skin prone to acne!

Solabia Group | 05-Dec-2013 | PDF Data sheet
The products commonly used in the cosmetic industry to treat oily skin and acne are focused on the regulation of sebum secretion by modul...

72h Skin moisturizer - effective and long lasting

Symrise | 14-Nov-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Hydroviton® PLUS is an excellent moisturizer with instant and long lasting effects.The moisturizer has proven to deliver up to 72 ho...

SILVERDREAM Polaris 90 WM - A new way to decorate nails with magic effects

Eckart GmbH | 23-Oct-2013 | PDF Application note
Color cosmetics are a very fast moving field of business, and thousands of new formulations are introduced into the market every year. Me...

Highshine aluminum products made ecologically

Seidel | 30-Sep-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Seidel shows a way of producing aluminum design products with a high shine surface, that offers a mirror like surface without mechanical...

Protecting Hair from Thermal Damage

Dow Personal Care | 14-Mar-2013 | PDF Data sheet
With the increasing use of heat styling tools such as flat irons, consumers are seeking new ways to protect their hair from thermal damag...

Permanent push-up bra effect with Adipofill’in™ from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics | 30-Aug-2013 | PDF Data sheet
In order to feel more attractive and confident, many women try to enhance the allure of their bust by using push-up bras, or by getting b...

Clear Complexion - SymWhite® 377 now also for China

Symrise AG | 26-Jul-2013 | PDF Application note
SymWhite® 377 is the first new cosmetic active ingredient that has received China approval by SFDA. SymWhite® 377 provides clin...

Color Cosmetic Trend Colors - Forecast Autumn / Winter 2014 - 2015

Eckart GmbH | 02-Jul-2013 | PDF Application note
For the season of autumn and winter 2014 and 2015 ECKART created three themes marketing its different color ranges and varying degrees of...

Stem cell activation for smoother, even skin

Mibelle Biochemistry | 12-Jun-2013 | PDF Case study
As we get older, the skin renewal slows down and makes the skin look dull and grey. Epidermal renewal starts at stem cells but their prol...

RESISTRESS® the Anti-Oxid'Aging® ally to battle Skin "Burnout"!

Solabia Group | 22-May-2013 | PDF Clinical study
The skin has its own defense mechanisms, among these being an anti-oxidant barrier. Nevertheless, faced with daily aggression, the skin's...

OLEOS launches a new natural ingredient that will revolutionise the anti-aging treatment for sensitive and intolerant skin

Oléos | 21-May-2013 | PDF Clinical study
ORGANIC DIAM’Oléoactif® is the first oily active ingredient on the market able, at low concentration, to reduce by more than 60% inflamma...

Natural hair loss prevention: SymHair™ Force 1631

Symrise AG | 16-May-2013 | PDF Application note
SymHairTM Force 1631 is a natural hair loss prevention ingredient from sustainable microalgae. It has won the In-Cosmetics Innovatio...

ECKART Trend Color Forecast of Spring/ Summer 2014

Eckart GmbH | 30-Apr-2013 | PDF Application note
Due to different preferences regionally, the trend colors for the season of spring and summer 2014 focus closer on Asia with Ayano, Europ...

Natural moisturising solutions by Jungbunzlauer

Jungbunzlauer | 02-Apr-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Looking for new skin benefits for your rinse-off products? New clinical studies confirm that natural moisturising ingredients from Jungbu...

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is launching two new ingredients: Elix-IR™ and Phytenso™!

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics | 18-Apr-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Elix-IR™ is the first botanical active ingredient designed to fight Infra’Aging™ (infrared-induced skin aging) a breakthrough concept in...

Wedding Day – A humorous look on the serious side of life

Eckart GmbH | 27-Feb-2013 | PDF Application note
A woman wants to be the most adorable bride her future husband can imagine.To make this happen, ECKART has developed a selection of beaut...

Stimulation of growth factor communication by crocus

Mibelle Biochemistry | 01-Jan-1970 | PDF Clinical study
Stimulation of growth factor communication between epidermis and dermis by Crocus chrysanthus bulb extract.

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