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Japan hosts two of the largest cosmetics manufacturers from Asia-Pacific and is one of the most developed markets in the region. Skin care is still one of the key market drivers with skin whitening and lightening proving very popular.

Kosé cosmetics taking on North America

20-Mar-2014 - Japan-based cosmetics player Kosé has made clear its intent to expand into the North American market, with its acquisition of a 93.5% stake in New York-based colour cosmetics and skin...

Septem Soken to continue Eskitis Institute skin care research

12-Mar-2014 - Japanese cosmetics company, Septem Soken, has confirmed a three year extension to its research at the Eskitis Institute's 'Nature Bank', with which it looks to discover potential new ingredients for...

Shiseido all set to launch Za range in India

11-Mar-2014 - Japanese beauty giant Shiseido is set to go ahead with the launch of its skin care brand ‘Za’ in India next month, following the successful establishment of its Mumbai subsidiary...

Japanese place high importance on quality packaging

05-Mar-2014 - According to a new report by Canadean, demand for high quality and aesthetically pleasing packaging will aid the growth of the Japanese cosmetic plastics industry.

P&G focus on Southeast Asia in hopes to boost performance

26-Feb-2014 - Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble has been targeting the Southeast Asia market in a bid to profit from the region’s growth, and balance stagnant sales in the West.

Kao results show growth, despite drag from Kanebo whitening re-call

06-Feb-2014 - Kao’s full year results show healthy gains, despite being weighed down by a mass recall relating to skin whitening products in its Kanebo business.

Mintel identifies 2014’s trends for the Asia Pacific consumer

05-Feb-2014 - An increase in technology, safety concerns and value are top of the trend list when it comes to consumers in Asia Pacific according to new research from Mintel.

Japanese men investing in anti-ageing products

04-Feb-2014 - With Chinese, Japanese and Korean males indicated to be the most active consumers of grooming products, preferences have long grown from aftershave and shaving foam staples and innovation in skin care is booming...

Asia in Focus

Japanese anti-aging hair care category sees major innovations

23-Jan-2014 - Hair care in Japan reached 523 billion yen in 2012 and rose by 6% last year. Although this represents only a slight rise, our regional expert says the category is not to be underestimated, considering many segments have remained...

Japanese luxury cosmetics segment seeing success

21-Jan-2014 - Japanese cosmetic giants may now start to invest in bespoke facial care after seeing brands like Shiseido, Kao and Kose Corp cashing in on consumer demand for luxury products despite the...

China leads the way for growth in global market for natural personal care

12-Dec-2013 - In 2013 the China market for natural personal care is estimated to have grown by a stunning 24%, as a battle unfolds between domestic and international brands, according to Kline.

Facial masks creep on to the radar for U.S. beauty consumers

04-Dec-2013 - They have long been on the beauty shopping list for Asian consumers, but U.S. consumers are now also starting to pick up facial masks, claims major manufacturer Taiki.

Japanese ingredient takes off in US BFW products

25-Nov-2013 - A plant-based compound with a long history in Japanese cosmetic formulations is now gaining popularity on the US markets as the West starts to recognise its efficacious properties. ...

Exclusive interview

Synthetic tea tree oil puts both cosmetics consumers and genuine suppliers at risk, producer claims

22-Oct-2013 - Synthetic and uncertified tea tree oil has been flooding the market for years now, and is cropping up in cosmetic products worldwide causing big problems for both consumers and manufacturers,...

Pola Orbis Holdings’ new office will deliver global business strategy

01-Oct-2013 - Leading Japanese cosmetics company Pola Orbis Holdings Inc has announced the opening of a new global strategy office in New York to focus on furthering the company’s worldwide presence.

Kanebo executives cut salaries over skin-whitening disaster

17-Sep-2013 - The president of Kanebo Cosmetics has announced that he will reduce his salary in the wake of his company’s skin-whitening product debacle.

Japanese cosmetics brands sell at a discount thanks to Yen depreciation

12-Sep-2013 - Japanese cosmetics stores will provide increased discounts on sales in Taiwan in response to the depreciation of the Yen, according to a report by the China Post.

News in brief

Kanebo skin-whitening complaints top 10,000

12-Sep-2013 - Total complaints concerning Kanebo’s rhododenol-containing skin whitening products has topped 10,000, according to a statement released by the company on September 9.

Japanese cosmetics hub to speed up AP import/export process

05-Sep-2013 - The city of Karatsu is aiming to build a cosmetics industry hub that will replicate the French industrial center which will take strength from its strategic location.

Cosmetics online shopping boom reaches Japan

15-Aug-2013 - According to China’s largest third-party payment platform Alipay, the online sales boom has reached Japan and the Republic of Korea, as Chinese online shoppers shift their attention from the Western...

Duty-free cosmetics plan to counter Japanese tax hike

08-Aug-2013 - The Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) is planning to add cosmetics and food to duty-free items permissible to foreign travelers, according to a report by The Japan Times newspaper.

Shiseido targets India’s masstige as it looks to expand

25-Jul-2013 - Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido has turned its attention to India’s middle class masstige market having established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shiseido India Private, in Mumbai.

Study highlights Asia as a hub for macroalgae patents as cosmetic ingredients

18-Jul-2013 - Algae has become an increasingly important ingredient for a cross-section of cosmetic and personal care ingredients, and it seems like Asia Pacific is rapidly evolving as the dominant player with...

Shiseido goes back to its roots with new HQ in Ginza district

16-Jul-2013 - Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido has opened a new head office building in Tokyo to consolidate and streamline the company’s operations and enhance productivity, as well as becoming its hub for...

Shampoo shines but Japanese hair care declines

04-Jul-2013 - The shampoo category is the best of a bad bunch in the Japanese hair care market as it struggles to deal with the declining population and falls behind oral hygiene...

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