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Regulation & Safety

Animal testing in cosmetics in China is a major talking point, and many international brands have had to postpone their expansion on the region due to conflicting values.

If you want to know about the progress of alternative testing methods or stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements in Asia's many markets, we've got you covered!

Global plantation company commits to fully traceable palm oil

28-Apr-2016 - With sustainable palm oil a hot topic for the beauty industry, companies are mobilising to meet demand for full traceability, with Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) having just committed to achieve a...

The Philippines clamps down on banned cosmetics ingredients

27-Apr-2016 - The FDA in Manila is clamping down on cosmetics that contain ingredients banned under the ASEAN Cosmetics Committee.

Indonesia regulatory body under scrutiny

07-Apr-2016 - The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the sole organisation responsible for the accreditation of halal products and brands in Indonesia, has come under fire for not revealing its financial reports.

Korea customs tackles counterfeits by marking cosmetics

31-Mar-2016 - The Korea Customs Service (KCS) has said it will begin marking Korean cosmetics in a bid to tackle the rise of conterfeiting affecting the country’s beauty industry.

India protecting domestic cosmetics market with anti-dumping duty on Chinese chemical

31-Mar-2016 - The Indian government is debating whether to extend its anti-dumping tax on an imported chemical from China, coumarin, to protect the domestic market.

Cosmax bags halal certification in Indonesia

30-Mar-2016 - Global beauty player Cosmax has received halal certification for its manufacturing facilities in Indonesia from international accreditation agency, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

Special Newsletter - Colour Cosmetics

The lowdown on colour regulation in Europe

25-Mar-2016 - Colour plays a vital role in the cosmetics industry, but manufacturers can sometimes be faced with the challenges that arise from the regulations surrounding colour and colourants. Here we sat...

Korea to legalise customised cosmetics formulation

23-Mar-2016 - With the trend for interactivity and personalisation in beauty retail now dominating globally, Korea is the latest to respond, with the government having just announced it is set to legalise...

India's National Green Tribunal takes up the case for banning microbeads

23-Mar-2016 - With the international momentum against microbeads in beauty products now beginning to take hold in the APAC region, India is the latest to turn its sights on addressing the question.

Study considers impact of personal care compounds on waste water

14-Mar-2016 - A team of scientists at the Pennsylvania State University is studying what happens to chemical compounds from a variety of sources, including personal care, if they remain in waste water.

Pakistan to establish halal FDA

02-Mar-2016 - Pakistan has announced it will soon be setting up a halal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) body, to regulate the manufacture, accreditation and distribution of halal products in the country,...

EC approves Coty acquisition of P&G brands amid competition concerns

17-Feb-2016 - Coty can breathe a sigh of relief now in Europe after the European Commission approved its acquisition of Procter & Gamble's beauty products businesses by Coty, under the EU Merger...

Microbeads to be ditched in Australia as early as 2017

11-Feb-2016 - Australia is gearing up to join other countries across the world in phasing out microbeads from its personal care and beauty products.

Malaysia stepping up regulatory enforcement for cosmetics

04-Feb-2016 - In a move which taps into a rising focus within beauty on regulatory alignment, Malaysia has stated it intends to get tougher with its domestic cosmetics regulation.

India must align regulatory framework with Europe, says L'Oreal chairman

03-Feb-2016 - Loic Armand, president of L’Oreal, has said that India must bring its cosmetics regulation closer in line with that of the European Union.

Taiwan to ban estrogens in cosmetics

28-Jan-2016 - The Food and Drug Administration in Taiwan has announced that three types of estrogen will be banned from use in cosmetics, due to their carcinogenic nature.

Seoul Secret Thailand offers public apology for ‘racist ad’

26-Jan-2016 - Seoul Secret, a Thai beauty brand whose recent 'White makes you win' advert caused worldwide controversy, has now offered a public apology.

South Korea ups investment in alternative testing

21-Jan-2016 - While South Korea has been working on alternative testing that will fall in line with EU or OECD guidelines for some time, government officials have now proposed a $12.6m budget to further...

China FDA releases final amended version of IECIC

13-Jan-2016 - In recent years, China's FDA has made a habit of announcing the implementation of new or updated cosmetics regulations each January in its efforts to fall in line with international...

Seoul Secret lands itself in hot water for 'whiteness makes you win’ campaign

12-Jan-2016 - Thai skin care player Seoul Secret has received backlash for a skin-whitening beauty-from-within campaign after it went viral for featuring actress, Cris Horwang attributing her success to her pale complexion alongside a "whiteness...

FDA Philippines warns about cosmetics on the market without 'authorization'

17-Dec-2015 - The Philippines FDA has warned consumers to be wary of some imported cosmetics which have not been through its quality or safety tests.

Cosmetics SMEs to feel the brunt of India's rise in trademark registration fees

10-Dec-2015 - While the fees are still considered to be reasonable by international standards, Asia's smaller cosmetic corporations will be hit by a hefty rise in registering their trademark in India.

Chemical safety heading towards animal-free assessments with €50m investment programme

04-Dec-2015 - Cosmetics Europe and the EU’s FP7 have each contributed half the funds towards a €50 million European public–private partnership (PPP) – the largest of its kind – as it looks...

Eco&more is the first Chinese company to join PETA's cruelty-free cosmetics list

03-Dec-2015 - In a historic move for China, Shanghai-based personal-care company Eco&more has become the very first domestic company to join PETA's cruelty-free list of firms to ban animal testing on their products, formulations, or ingredients....

New consumer app ranks brands according to ethical practices

23-Nov-2015 - Good On You is set to be a global cross-industry resource for conscientious shoppers. It’s grading fashion brands now and will rate cosmetics and personal care companies in 2016. 

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