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Animal testing in cosmetics in China is a major talking point, and many international brands have had to postpone their expansion on the region due to conflicting values.

If you want to know about the progress of alternative testing methods or stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements in Asia's many markets, we've got you covered!

IBR gains Australian patent for anti-ageing Snowflake ingredient

27-Nov-2014 - Natural active ingredient supplier IBR has been given a boost in its quest to penetrate the Eastern markets after it was granted a patent for its IBR-Snowflake product in Australia,...

Australia makes its move on microbead phase out

26-Nov-2014 - Australia’s hygiene, cosmetic and speciality products industry body 'Accord' has pledged to phase out the use of polyethylene microbeads in cosmetics by the end of 2017.

CFDA proposes revision of 25 year old cosmetics regulation

26-Nov-2014 - In an effort to regulate and strengthen the supervision and management of cosmetics, the China Food and Drug Administration is set to revise cosmetic health supervision regulations.

In-vitro testing market in China and India fastest growing among Asian nations

20-Nov-2014 - In a new report evaluating the global market for in-vitro toxicity testing through 2020, Persistence Market Research sorts out the data according to industry, region, technology and more.

Lush recognizes Asian players in fight to stamp out animal testing

19-Nov-2014 - British cosmetics company Lush has recognized a number of Asian players in its annual Fighting Against Animal Testing 2014 award to highlight efforts to outlaw animal testing.

New study links triclosan to liver cancer in mice

18-Nov-2014 - Triclosan has been under scrutiny in the cosmetics industry for a number of years, and now a new study has linked it with liver cancer in laboratory mice. While not...

Australia moves to cut red tape on chemical risk assessments

18-Nov-2014 - As part of its measures to cut red tape and promote innovation, the Australian government is pushing for greater acceptance of international standards and risk assessments.

Olay’s research in Beijing shows the effects of air pollution on skin health

17-Nov-2014 - The clinical study found that people exposed to higher levels of air pollution had distinctly compromised skin compared to people in areas with better air quality.

India bans import of animal tested cosmetics

15-Oct-2014 - India has become the first cruelty-free cosmetics zone in South Asia having banned the import of animal tested cosmetics, only months after the implementation of a national ban on cosmetics...

Animal testing declines in New Zealand, but campaign to end it lives on

14-Oct-2014 - The number of animal tests has declined significantly in New Zealand, but the Humane Society International says it will continue to put pressure on until the practice is totally outlawed.

Baxter Laboratories develops new in-vitro skin testing method

09-Oct-2014 - Australia-based Baxter Laboratories has developed an in-vitro skin compatibility and safety test which targeted the move away from testing products on animals.

American Chamber of Commerce urges China to “adopt international best practices”

09-Oct-2014 - The Chinese government has been called on to “adopt international best practices” with its' cosmetics regulation by the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

P&G ad criticized for slight against Unilever product

29-Sep-2014 - Procter & Gamble’s Olay Sensitive Body Wash has been recommended to drop print and online ad claims that Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is ‘harsh’ after brand owner Unilever complained...

PETA India launches campaign to pressure big cosmetics player

25-Sep-2014 - PETA India has launched a campaign in which it claims that the Indian Beauty & Hygiene Association (IBHA) is wilfully challenging moves to make the country’s beauty industry cruelty-free.

PETA takes on Hindustan Unilever, P&G & L’Oreal for animal testing

17-Sep-2014 - PETA India and its global affiliates are launching an online campaign aimed at the Indian Beauty & Hygiene Association (IBHA) and its group of members which includes brands like L'Oréal,...

India applauded for its 'major achievement' at animal testing alternatives congress

11-Sep-2014 - India’s 'major achievement' in banning animal testing for cosmetics was highlighted at this year’s 9th World Congress on alternatives and animal use in life sciences.

Industry: consumers are not getting the right information about chemical risks in cosmetics

29-Aug-2014 - The industry has spoken out on apps like 'Toxfox', designed to help consumers find chemicals in cosmetics, stating that the context of concentration levels and health risks is not being...

China says celebrities must use the products they endorse

28-Aug-2014 - Proposed revisions to China’s Advertising Law will include a requirement that means celebrities must use the products before putting their endorsement to them.

Australia looks into gamma butyrolactone ban in cosmetics

28-Aug-2014 - Australia’s Department of Health (DoH) is seeking public comments on its proposal to ban the use of gamma butyrolactone in cosmetics. 

ASCI publishes new guidelines for skin lightening products

26-Aug-2014 - Skin lightening has been hitting the headlines in India for all the wrong reasons of late, which has prompted the country’s advertising standards board to publish new guidelines.

Pressure mounts to end cosmetic animal testing in Australia

21-Aug-2014 - With a growing list of countries ending animal testing for cosmetics, an open letter to the Australian government signed by cosmetic executives aims to end the practice there.

Triclosan concern spreads to Asia...

20-Aug-2014 - Colgate’s Total toothpaste was found to contain triclosan on the US market last week. Now, more of the brand's products have been found to contain the same chemical alongside other personal care...

Is fragrance allergy partly psychosomatic?

28-Jul-2014 - Scientists in the US have been conducting research that suggests some individuals with allergic reactions to smell may be caused by what they think they smell, rather than the actual...

IBR confirms it is up to date with China FDA IECIC

24-Jul-2014 - Following China’s FDA publishing a final version of Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China, natural active supplier IBR has announced all of its ingredients are now fully compliant.

Australia Dept of Health moves to ban DBP in cosmetics

23-Jul-2014 - DBP, used as a perfume solvent, skin emollient or plasticiser in nail polish could be banned as soon as October 1st in Australia, due to its’ classification as a reproductive...

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