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Regulation & Safety

Animal testing in cosmetics in China is a major talking point, and many international brands have had to postpone their expansion on the region due to conflicting values.

If you want to know about the progress of alternative testing methods or stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements in Asia's many markets, we've got you covered!

CFDA issues THIRD draft of technical safety standard for cosmetics

02-Sep-2015 - The China FDA is seeking public opinion on cosmetics safety for the third time since 2012, which contains new requirements for the control of Pb, As, Cd, 1,4-Dioxane. 

Danish Consumer Council claims potential allergens and EDCs in body care products

26-Aug-2015 - According to two new surveys carried out on personal care products in Denmark, the country’s Consumer Council says that one in four body lotions contain allergens or endocrine disruptors (EDCs),...

EcoWaste Coalition calls for crackdown on fake cosmetics in the Philippines

19-Aug-2015 - The EcoWaste Coalition Project has called for the Philippines government to crack down on counterfeit whitening creams being sold in Guadalupe.

EC bans eyebrow enhancer in Bulgaria labelling benzalkonium chloride levels as ‘serious risk’

11-Aug-2015 - The European Commission has banned an eyebrow enhancer from being sold in Bulgaria after finding that it does not comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation as it contains high levels...

China FDA submits 'revised draft' on the supervision of cosmetics

05-Aug-2015 - In an effort to bring regulations more in line with Western standards, the CFDA has submitted a revised draft of the supervision and management of cosmetics to the State Council. ...

China considers regulating 'oral care' as cosmetics

29-Jul-2015 - China's State Council has sought public opinion on whether it should include oral care products in cosmetics regulations. A move experts say could affect the regulation, circulation and promotion of the...

China considers official ban on cosmetics ads found to have ‘exaggerated claims’

23-Jul-2015 - China's Legislative Affairs Office has published a draft document in which it states it is considering an official ban on any cosmetics advertisements with 'exaggerated claims'.

Thailand’s FDA warns about counterfeit Korean cosmetics

22-Jul-2015 - According to Thailand's FDA, more than 1,000 counterfeit cosmetics brands have been found in the country under false licence numbers, claiming to be skin lighteners from South Korea.

SCCS advises concentration limit of MI in cosmetics should be lowered

15-Jul-2015 - The European Commission has stated that the use of the preservative methylisothiazolinone (MI) in cosmetics products is safe at the right levels, but that the concentration limit should be lowered. ...

CFDA issues notice of 'IECIC 2014' cosmetics inventory list

07-Jul-2015 - China's FDA has issued a notice regarding the revision of IECIC 2014, which includes the addition of nine ingredients to the inventory and new product names for 111 plant ingredients.

Hong Kong warns public of 'excessive mercury' found in skin care cream

02-Jul-2015 - Hong Kong's Department of Health has appealed to members of the public not to buy or use a cosmetic cream product as it may contain excessive mercury.

How YOU can navigate China's regulations on imported cosmetics

01-Jul-2015 - In an effort to standardize cross-border e-commerce procedures, China's Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) is set to release detailed regulations for the industry. This Cosmetics Design gallery breaks down...

Don’t worry men! Sunscreen and cosmetics won’t affect your sperm says CTPA

23-Jun-2015 - We may have thought twice about using sunscreen or applying moisturiser this morning following an announcement made at a recent conference in Lisbon, but there is nothing to fear and...

Taiwan to follow EU's ban on estrogen in cosmetics

04-Jun-2015 - Taiwan could impose a ban on the use of three kinds of estrogen — estradiol, estrone and ethinylestradiol in cosmetics by 2016.

Wake up – don’t fake up campaign launched to combat counterfeit cosmetics

20-May-2015 - The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has launched its ‘Wake up - don’t fake up!’  awareness campaign warning consumers of the risks posed by fake beauty products, such as...

Singapore Advertising Authority - 'number of complaints on beauty ads rising'

19-May-2015 - According to the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS), cosmetic advertising has been receiving a high number of complaints and feedback of late.

Cosmetics Europe Week aims to look ahead at future opportunities

15-May-2015 - The 2nd annual Cosmetics Europe Week will feature a conference program and breakout sessions aiming to uncover the future opportunities in the growing personal care industry, says the trade association’s...

CIRS summit to address 'series of tremendous changes' in regulations

05-May-2015 - Asia has become one of the biggest cosmetic markets in recent years, among which, China is the most prominent. In an effort to help the industry get to grips with...

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Taiwan set to be first 'cruelty free' market in South East Asia

21-Apr-2015 - The Parliament in Taiwan has launched a new bill to ban animal testing of cosmetics in the country, as well as the sale of animal tested cosmetics abroad.

New Zealand is first country in Australasia to ban cosmetics animal testing

02-Apr-2015 - The New Zealand parliament has voted in an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act that aims to outlaw the testing of any type of cosmetics on animals.

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