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Animal testing in cosmetics in China is a major talking point, and many international brands have had to postpone their expansion on the region due to conflicting values.

If you want to know about the progress of alternative testing methods or stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements in Asia's many markets, we've got you covered!

Clearasil maker challenges India's call for 'animal origins' to be declared in cosmetics

05-Mar-2015 - The Delhi High Court has been challenged on a notification that requires cosmetics packaging to indicate if it contains any ingredient of animal origin; - a green dot for 'vegetarian' and a red/brown one...

Taiwan to revise cosmetics statute following major inspection

18-Feb-2015 - Following 'relatively high rates of reports of violation' with consumer products, Taiwan's FDA has carried out a major inspection of the labeling and content quality of some widely-used cosmetics.

Pressure mounts on New Zealand to end cosmetics animal testing

18-Feb-2015 - Animal rights groups are turning on the pressure in an effort to persuade authorities in New Zealand that the practice of cosmetics animal testing should be banned.

Korean authorities crack down on counterfeit facial masks

12-Feb-2015 - The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has seized more than 100,000 counterfeit products of the well-known face mask brand; ‘Leaders Insolution’ from a Chinese-owned factory, close to the border of...

Police in Vietnam seize counterfeit cosmetics heading to China

11-Feb-2015 - The spotlight was back on fake cosmetics last week, after police in Vietnam arrested a man near the border of China, suspected of manufacturing and selling counterfeited cosmetics.

New India Cosmetics Bill comes with 5 year jail sentence for violators

28-Jan-2015 - The new Drug and Cosmetics (Amendment) Bill, if it comes into effect, will see anyone in violation of the clinical trials procedure facing a jail sentence of up to five years....

Can cosmetics brands help consumers keep their eyes healthy?

26-Jan-2015 - Insights from board certified oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Mirwat Sami suggest that consumers and brands alike can take meaningful steps to safeguard against eye injury.

Part II

'Brands MUST stay out of China in order to speed up change,' says HSI

22-Jan-2015 - Yesterday, Cosmetics Design spoke to Alain Khaiat about cosmetic brands opting out of China over animal testing. On his advice that the bigger players ‘cannot afford not to be present’, the HSI disagrees,...


Can cosmetic brands afford to opt out of China over animal testing?

21-Jan-2015 - While the ruling to end mandatory animal testing for most cosmetics in China came as good news on June 30 - the law only refers to domestic firms, meaning international...

ASEAN cosmetics committee updates safety bill

20-Jan-2015 - The Association of Southeast Asian Nations' Cosmetics Committee has agreed to new regulations on cosmetics in a bill that will improve consumer safety and crack down on misleading advertising....

Korean Ministry notifies WTO that it intends to amend cosmetics regulation for imports

15-Jan-2015 - South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) that it intends to amend quality control regulation with regards to imported cosmetics as...

Korea animal testing ban joy may be 'premature' as formal agreement needed on ingredients

14-Jan-2015 - Although included in Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) draft five year plan to phase out of animal testing for finished cosmetic products and ingredients, there is...

Korea proposes animal testing ban on finished cosmetics

06-Jan-2015 - A decision has been made proposing a ban on finished cosmetics product testing on animals in Korea, making it the second country in Asia to do so.

China to introduce 'supervising regulation' for online cosmetic sellers

17-Dec-2014 - The China Food and Drug Administration has published a draft regulation for public consultation that will tighten the control of online sales of cosmetics.

Industry runs into harmonisation issues with Taiwan's revised chemical Act

16-Dec-2014 - Following the revised rules of Taiwan's Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act, the industry has noted the biggest problem to have been achieving registration harmonisation between EPA and MoL rules.

Raw milk bath product recalled following toddler’s death

16-Dec-2014 - Having been linked with a toddler’s death in Victoria and a number of other cases of illness in young children, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is alerting consumers that...

China cosmetics rank high in chemical risk list

10-Dec-2014 - China has 'once again' been named the front-runner of a "hit list" of dangerous products, according to the German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (Baua)....

Cosmetics labelling in Australia gets regulatory attention

09-Dec-2014 - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has redoubled its attention to the thoroughness of product labelling and as well as the validity of product claims.

Consumer NZ suggests classification and testing can be improved for sunscreen

09-Dec-2014 - Independent investigation unit Consumer NZ suggests that classing sunscreens as a therapeutic product, as they are in Australia, and ensuring they meet the Australian-New Zealand standard should be a priority...

Approval for cosmetic animal testing in New Zealand 'unlikely'

04-Dec-2014 - New Zealand’s Government Minister, Nathan Guy has announced that animal tests for cosmetics safety are unlikely to be approved in New Zealand now or in the future.

Nanotech tracker to change how the industry tackles counterfeit goods

04-Dec-2014 - Sydney-based YPB Group has bought tracer patents developed by China's Dalian Maritime University to pair with its own scanners to determine counterfeit goods.

Kanebo skin whiteners receive 14 more lawsuits

03-Dec-2014 - Several reports claim that 14 women in central Japan filed a lawsuit on Monday with the Nagoya District Court seeking upwards of 100 million yen in damages from Kanebo Cosmetics,...

Unilever pledges to phase out microbeads in Australia

02-Dec-2014 - On the back of Australian government’s ongoing push to reduce and eventually eliminate microbeads in its waters, Unilever has pledged to crack down on their presence in its products.

IBR gains Australian patent for anti-ageing Snowflake ingredient

27-Nov-2014 - Natural active ingredient supplier IBR has been given a boost in its quest to penetrate the Eastern markets after it was granted a patent for its IBR-Snowflake product in Australia,...

Australia makes its move on microbead phase out

26-Nov-2014 - Australia’s hygiene, cosmetic and speciality products industry body 'Accord' has pledged to phase out the use of polyethylene microbeads in cosmetics by the end of 2017.

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