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Adverse Outcome Pathways holding the key to regulatory hurdles?

16-Apr-2014 - Following a successful in-cosmetics workshop on the regulatory issues facing the industry, Annelie Struessman of CONUSBAT, chair of the workshop, stopped off to give the Cosmetics Design team the low-down...

P&G loses out in damages case against competitor

10-Apr-2014 - Consumer goods multinational, Procter & Gamble, has lost out to a competitor in South Korea, as the Supreme Court rules against its claim that fellow beauty brand Missha has damaged...

China Southern Airlines agrees to stop shipping primates for animal testing

26-Mar-2014 - In a move that puts animal testing of cosmetics in China back in the spotlight, animal rights group PETA says it has convinced China Southern Airlines to ban the shipping...

Finally! FDA holds public review on OTC plan

25-Mar-2014 - The Food and Drug Administration will hold a public hearing over the next two days to gather input on its' current process for reviewing over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Australian senator proposes bill to end animal testing on cosmetics

18-Mar-2014 - A group of MPs in Australia have backed a bill introduced by Senator Lee Rhiannon that proposes to end all types of animal testing on cosmetics in the country.

Body Shop products on sale in China raises question of animal testing

12-Mar-2014 - The fact that The Body Shop products are currently on sale in airports across China raises the question of whether or not they have been tested on animals, according to...

Centre for Science says natural claims are not always safer

27-Feb-2014 - According to a survey from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a lack of regulation in India means a ‘herbal’ claim on a cosmetic product might not always mean natural or...

Beauty consequence not cancer risk motivates sunscreen use best in teens

20-Feb-2014 - Scientists have found that youngsters are more likely to address sun protection behaviour if skin appearance and beauty effects are highlighted as opposed to messages displaying a skin cancer risk.

Self-tanning products offer safer bronzing option than beds

11-Feb-2014 - More should be done to promote self-tanning products and influence people not to turn to sunbeds in order to get the bronze look they crave, at the risk of UV-induced...

Amyris' squalane alternative in Asia pushing boundaries

11-Feb-2014 - Amyris has collaborated with Dowell, a personal care ingredients supplier, to distribute its sugar-based squalane, a renewable alternative to the controversial material, in the Republic of Korea.

Cruelty free international puts pressure on Japan to curb animal testing for cosmetics

05-Feb-2014 - Cruelty Free International has presented a petition containing over a million signatures to the Japanese health minister, aimed at pressurising the country's law makers into making changing about testing cosmetics...

Research into hemp cultivation and production set to be ramped in the US

04-Feb-2014 - Research into Hemp cosmetics ingredients could soon be given a significant booster in the United States as new Federal laws are readied to bring the country in line with the...

Intertek becomes Malaysia’s first accredited certification body for RSPO

04-Feb-2014 - Intertek announces its achievement as the first Accredited Certification Body in Malaysia and worldwide to provide RSPO P&C Certification as it looks to expand its sustainability solution throughout the palm...

The squalane debate: China under the spotlight for cosmetics focused slaughters

30-Jan-2014 - Despite various cosmetic companies investing in more sustainable alternatives to squalane, some specialised producers have been found to still be dealing in the shark liver in China.

CFDA publishes amendment of cosmetic registration

29-Jan-2014 - China’s FDA has welcomed public comments on the amendment of new cosmetic ingredient registration management rules.

Sao Paulo is the first Brazilian state to ban animal testing

27-Jan-2014 - The State is the first in Latin America to issue the ban on cosmetics companies based in the area testing both ingredients and finished products on animals.

Philippines plays catch up on lead regulation

23-Jan-2014 - The Philippines government has introduced laws to ban the use of lead in a host of consumer products, including cosmetics and personal, in a move that brings it up to...

Taiwan’s FDA rubbishes caution report on mercury in cosmetics

15-Jan-2014 - The FDA has reiterated that the mercury concentration in cosmetics is strictly regulated in Taiwan despite a recent report cautioning consumers about unsafe products.

RevitaLash back on the shelves despite last year’s ban

07-Jan-2014 - Athena Cosmetics controversial eyelash conditioner is set to be back on US shelves again after an injunction imposed last March was lifted by the Court of Appeals....

2014: CFDA already at work to update cosmetic approval process

07-Jan-2014 - China’s FDA is quick off the mark this January with the final draft of a November filing to remove animal testing requirements for non special use cosmetics produced in China....

Update: India to ban importing animal-tested cosmetics

19-Dec-2013 - India is in the process of developing a bill which will prohibit animal-tested cosmetics from being imported into the country, according to the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

2013: A year of rising awareness for sustainable palm oil

19-Dec-2013 - With palm oil becoming one of the most important ingredients used by many cosmetics companies, sustainability has become a hot-button issue in 2013.

Ban in place: 2013 a big year for animal testing

18-Dec-2013 - It has been a busy twelve months for the cosmetics industry, and in Europe it was a big year concerning animal testing, so Cosmetics Design takes a look at some of...

Evonik targets Middle East and Asia with launch of Halal ingredient line

17-Dec-2013 - Evonik has become one of the first major cosmetic ingredient players to launch a line of Halal certified cosmetic ingredients targeting Muslim populations worldwide.

South Korea proposes to recognize animal testing alternatives

17-Dec-2013 - Another country may soon be moving towards alternatives to animal testing, as South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has created a policy proposal to recognize these methods for...

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