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Health Ministry issues guidance on new cosmetics import rules in India

By Andrew MCDOUGALL , 10-Jan-2013

Health Ministry issues guidance on new cosmetics import rules in India

In light of new legislation being put in place for the import of cosmetics products in India later this year, the country’s Health Ministry has issued guidelines to provide an insight to companies.

Registration for import of cosmetics ranging from skin care hair care products will become mandatory in India from April 1, 2013, so the guidelines have been issued to facilitate the registration process.

 The latest guidelines state, “All cosmetic products that are imported for sale in India need to be registered with the licensing authority as defined under Rule 21 of Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945.”

Which Form?

An application for registration in Form-42, along with all requisite documents, should be submitted to the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI).

“A single registration certificate in Form 43 may be issued to a particular applicant in respect of import of any number of brands manufactured at one or more locations by a single manufacturer,” it continues.

“Each application will be accompanied by a fee of USD 250 or its equivalent Indian rupees for each Brand viz. each category of cosmetics.”

Application guidelines

Either the manufacturer, the authorised agent of the manufacturer, or the subsidiary of the manufacturer or any other importer can apply for registration of imported cosmetics with the DCGI.

If the applicant seeks to import the same brand belonging to different manufacturers, then separate applications need to be submitted for each manufacturer and separate fees will therefore have to be paid.

All types of cosmetics including products for skin care, hair care, facial products and chemical exfoliaters, among others, would be covered under the latest guidelines.

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