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Exclusive interview

Bulldog boss reveals why 'Made in UK' resonates with Korean men

30-Apr-2015 - Following the roll out of natural male skin care range, Bulldog in Korea in 2013, Cosmetics Design caught up with founder Simon Duffy to discuss the challenge of the expansion and how...

L'Oreal brings virtual reality experience to Hong Kong

30-Apr-2015 - International cosmetics giant L’Oreal has taken its' beauty app 'Makeup Genius' to Hong Kong which allows customers to test the brand's products using their mobile phones or tablets as a virtual...

The power of seaweed! Marinova's marine based skin care 'breaks new ground'

30-Apr-2015 - Australian biotechnology company Marinova has been acknowledged by the industry for its work on skin care bioactives from marine-plant extracts.

Mibelle Biochemistry finds hair loss reducer in basil extract

29-Apr-2015 - Hair loss caused by increased sensitivity of the follicles is permanent and continues as one gets older, but with the power of a basil extract, Mibelle Biochemistry believes it may...

Croda: ‘As East meets West we see oil-based product popularity soar’

29-Apr-2015 - Oil-based products have soared in popularity over recent times and cleansing oils are part of this upsurge, taking influence from Asia in what ingredients supplier Croda is calling the ‘East...

P&G concentrates on e-commerce in Korea

29-Apr-2015 - Korea's Procter and Gamble division has announced it is investing more in an 'e-commerce channel' as well as the latest in digital technology.

Pola Orbis to see profits of 20 billion yen in 2015

29-Apr-2015 - Japanese cosmetics giant, Pola Orbis has refocused its' strategy in China, stepping up internet sales and streamlining its' efforts to put it on track for a year ending profit of around 20...


Could Kao snap up P&G’s Wella hair care unit?

28-Apr-2015 - Procter & Gamble has reportedly published sale documents for its’ Wella hair care brand, and although the company has yet to comment on the speculation, Japanese giant Kao is among those...

Has Estée Lauder forgotten about advertising?

28-Apr-2015 - Estée Lauder was powering ahead of its competitors with breakneck speed until recently, but an analyst’s note underlines the need to spend more on promotional activities to secure a return...

Sun Care Special Newsletter

Sun care: A crucial insight into innovation, trends and regulation

28-Apr-2015 - The sun care category is perhaps one of the most technically advanced, diverse and complex categories in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Sun Care Special Newsletter

Innovative brands are advancing multifunction sun care

28-Apr-2015 - Cosmetics Design checked in with a couple of experts to discover how the latest products in this category are driving sales by inspiring more consumers to use sun care products...

Sun Care Special Newsletter

The lowdown on global sunscreen regulation

28-Apr-2015 - When it comes to regulation, cosmetic and personal care professionals will often cite sun care as one of the most challenging categories to gain global compliance. We spoke Carl Geffken,...

Sun Care Special

Spotlight on Asia: UV protection doesn't 'resonate' and pigmentation concerns are king!

28-Apr-2015 - Exposure to the sun is avoided by all means in Asia. Protection is about obtaining clearer, whiter skin and treating pigmentation irregularities from as young as 15. Thus, experts say UVA...

Sun Care Special Newsletter

We need to talk about IR: Coty focuses on infrared radiation and sun protection

28-Apr-2015 - When we think of sun care and sun protection we often concern ourselves with UV exposure, but we should also be protecting ourselves against infrared radiation according to Coty, which...

DSM: ‘You need to inspire your customers by being close to the consumer’

28-Apr-2015 - It is a trend we are seeing a lot these days from ingredients suppliers – conducting their own consumer research – and it is important to do this to ensure...

Milking it! NZ dairy based acne treatment attracts global interest

28-Apr-2015 - Quantec's skin care treatment derived from New Zealand cow’s milk is now gaining major interest from the US.

in-cosmetics coverage

Why Korea? in-cosmetics talks about 'filling the gap' with first event in 10 years!

28-Apr-2015 - With Korea tipped as the fourth largest beauty market in Asia, one wonders why the last personal care ingredients focused event was in 2005. Here, show organiser Ivan Rahal explains...

Young, dynamic population driving Turkey and Middle East growth, says Euromonitor

24-Apr-2015 - A dynamic population seeking tailored solutions is boosting the cosmetics market in Turkey and the Middle East and many global brands are making the most of the region’s growth, according...

Kosé develops range to meet needs of India's women

23-Apr-2015 - Japanese cosmetics firm, Kosé has invested in India's markets with a skin care brand it developed to better cater to the women of the country.

in-cosmetics coverage

Asia's cosmetics regulations - what's new and what you need to know!

23-Apr-2015 - The emerging Asian economies are lucrative new markets, but with legislation changing at a fast pace, it can be challenging keeping up to date on requirements. Here, regulatory specialist Alain Khaiat...

Baxter meets Australian PM to discuss China free trade

23-Apr-2015 - Australia-based sun and skin care player Baxter Laboratories recently had a visit from the country’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott that provided the opportunity to discuss the free trade agreement with...

Dispatches from in-cosmetics

Being a beauty arm of a global fashion brand definitely a help not hindrance for Burberry!

22-Apr-2015 - When Burberry took its beauty business in-house in April 2013 all eyes were on to see how one of the world’s best known fashion brands would position itself in the...

Shiseido steps up retail strategy in Japan

22-Apr-2015 - As part of Shiseido's goal to become more accessible to Asian consumers, the brand is heavily investing in enhancing its' travel retail business with duty-free stores.

SkintechMD launches label-scanning app for cosmetics

22-Apr-2015 - The new CosScann app recommends beauty products for customers depending on what ingredients are listed on the label.

in-cosmetics coverage

Regulatory expert discusses navigation of China cosmetics market

21-Apr-2015 - We speak with Tommy Kong to find out more about China market regulations and the type of strategies that are most effective for entry into the vast and still fast-growing...

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