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Industry: consumers are not getting the right information about chemical risks in cosmetics

29-Aug-2014 - The industry has spoken out on apps like 'Toxfox', designed to help consumers find chemicals in cosmetics, stating that the context of concentration levels and health risks is not being...

China says celebrities must use the products they endorse

28-Aug-2014 - Proposed revisions to China’s Advertising Law will include a requirement that means celebrities must use the products before putting their endorsement to them.

Australia looks into gamma butyrolactone ban in cosmetics

28-Aug-2014 - Australia’s Department of Health (DoH) is seeking public comments on its proposal to ban the use of gamma butyrolactone in cosmetics. 

Could taurine be the key to energised personal care?

27-Aug-2014 - Energised toothpaste, shampoo and skin care could be the next big thing for personal care consumers in the UK, as a new market report pinpoints consumers’ search for something new as a...

Unilever to launch online shopping portal in Pakistan

27-Aug-2014 - Unilever has partnered with to become the first organization in Pakistan’s FMCG sector to offer an online retail solution for customers.

Japan cuts tax on cosmetics to cash in on growing tourism

27-Aug-2014 - The Japanese government has announced that certain cosmetics purchases will soon be tax-free for foreigners visiting the country, in a move that aims to increase tourist spending in the country.

Indonesian expo to platform halal cosmetics

27-Aug-2014 - With the market continuing to grow for halal products, the Indonesian Ulema Council is readying for a big expo in Jakarta this October that will provide a platform to halal...

Breakthrough trial for recycling based on fluorescent light of technical polymers

26-Aug-2014 - Researchers at LMU University of Munich, in Germany, have discovered a way to identify plastic for recycling through the automated recognition of polymer constituents.

Hair straightening no longer a one-size-fits-all category

26-Aug-2014 - Innovative technologies and products have revolutionised the hair straightening category and made it one of the most dynamic hair care categories, driven by demand for hair control and lifestyle changes. ...

Scientists working on nail polish that detects date-rape drugs

26-Aug-2014 - North Carolina State University is attempting to produce a nail polish that will reveal the presence of Rohypnol and GHB in a drink by changing colour.

Beyond Beauty forges closer ties with the Philippines cosmetics industry

26-Aug-2014 - Beyond Beauty ASEAN is looking to increase its footprint in the Southeast Asian cosmetics market having signed a memorandum that targets closer ties with the beauty industry in the Philippines.

Mintel: eye care innovation in Asia

26-Aug-2014 - Asia is often viewed as the centre of cosmetic innovation. Here, Mintel rounds up some of the eye care products dominating the region's markets..

ASCI publishes new guidelines for skin lightening products

26-Aug-2014 - Skin lightening has been hitting the headlines in India for all the wrong reasons of late, which has prompted the country’s advertising standards board to publish new guidelines.

Beiersdorf develops active ingredient to soothe sensitive skin

22-Aug-2014 - Beiersdorf has conducted research into skin irritation and its causes and used this information develop its new active ingredient that will be used in its Eucerin skin care range.

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek: Summer round-up

22-Aug-2014 - We take a look at the announcements and highlights in the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin care, make-up, the list goes on.

Pressure mounts to end cosmetic animal testing in Australia

21-Aug-2014 - With a growing list of countries ending animal testing for cosmetics, an open letter to the Australian government signed by cosmetic executives aims to end the practice there.

Kao research identifies natural enzyme to produce sustainable surfactants

21-Aug-2014 - Kao has found a natural enzyme that can produce medium chain fatty acids used as raw materials in the production of surfactants for shampoos and cosmetics, through its research, particularly...

Rieke Dispensing’s Asia reach bolstered with acquisition

21-Aug-2014 - Rieke Dispensing’s reach in Asia has expanded once more and its manufacturing capabilities will be given a boost following its parent company TriMas Corporation’s acquisition of Lion Holdings Pvt. Ltd....

Slow sales of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fragrances hurt Elizabeth Arden

20-Aug-2014 - Elizabeth Arden’s fourth quarter results showed a 28.4% decline as some of its biggest celebrity fragrance brands failed to make the mark.

Triclosan concern spreads to Asia...

20-Aug-2014 - Colgate’s Total toothpaste was found to contain triclosan on the US market last week. Now, more of the brand's products have been found to contain the same chemical alongside other personal care...

Cosmetics and fragrance help drive Indian online retail

20-Aug-2014 - Online retail is continuing to expand at world-leading growth rates, helped along by the continued popularity of cosmetic and fragrance purchases.

Natural cosmetics demand pushing pomegranate popularity in Asia

20-Aug-2014 - With an increasing demand for Peruvian fresh pomegranate in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, exports will grow by 57.7% in 2014 totaling more than US$28 million.

Creating brand loyalty most beneficial in facial care

19-Aug-2014 - Creating brand loyalty appears to be beneficial in the skin care arena, particularly facial care, but isn’t always the case for other personal care categories such as colour cosmetics.

Scientific skin care on the agenda at South Korea Conference

19-Aug-2014 - The new South Korea International Conference will have a focus on scientific skin care as it looks to capitalise on the booming cosmetics market in the region.

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