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Clariant and Beraca complete strategic alliance in Personal Care

27-Nov-2015 - Ingredient suppliers Clariant and Beraca announce that the strategic partnership deal which sees the former acquire 30% of shares in the Brazilian firm’s Health & Personal Care Division, has been...

2nd edition of in-cosmetics Korea to attract 4,000 visitors following the gap in market coverage

26-Nov-2015 - With Korea boasting the world’s highest per capita usage of skin care and male grooming products, the in-cosmetics group expects the second edition of its personal care ingredients show in...

L’Oréal CEO says Q3 slowdown in Asia is 'temporary'

26-Nov-2015 - According to L’Oréal CEO Jean-Paul Agon; 'despite a global context that is still volatile’ the company remains confident in its third quarter results despite them revealing a slowdown for L’Oréal Luxe in Asia....

Taiwan and South Korea named as Asia’s innovation leaders

26-Nov-2015 - Taiwan, South Korea and Japan have been tipped as leading the way in global R&D investment in Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators 2015 list.

‘Digital natives’ approach fragrance consumption differently, so suppliers must adapt

25-Nov-2015 - Young millennials and Generation Z have grown up in a digital world and this means they approach fragrance consumption differently; meaning that in order to produce more targeted products for...

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"Just because you’re good at printing plastic does not mean you can print cells," warns expert on 3D bioprinting

25-Nov-2015 - With 3D Bioprinting promising great future advances, cosmetics companies are exploring its potential for skin care applications. However, Arnold Bos at Lux Research calls for caution as printing cells is...

Jumei becomes first Chinese e-commerce provider to stock Shiseido and Kose

25-Nov-2015 - Beauty retailer Jumei, has announced that it will now stock Shiseido and Kose which it says is the first time these Japanese beauty brands have authorized a cross-border e-commerce company in China...

Kadalys looks to conquer Asia with 'first' line of banana tree infused anti-ageing products

25-Nov-2015 - Kadalys of France is seeking success in Asia as it claims to be the first natural cosmetic brand to incorporate French banana tree anti-oxidants in anti-ageing treatments.

Korea's 'industry first' herbal steamer changes the game by restoring the skin while shaving

24-Nov-2015 - BAE Intelligence has created the 'T-mer' device to replace water, foam or gel in the shaving routine as the steamer infused with ingredients of an individual's choice, restores skin health...

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亚洲化妆品行业走势 - 2015 年 11 月

24-Nov-2015 - 对于业界而言,截至现在的 11 月份异常繁忙!《化妆品设计》已经注意到最新的创新产品,并开始讨论化妆品制造商在亚洲地区面临的主要问题。我们在这里简述所有最佳建议,以确保您跟上最新潮流!

Brazilian cosmetics labeler Prakolar acquired

24-Nov-2015 - This weekend, Japan’s SATO, a global auto-ID supplier with solutions for supply chain management, tracking, labels, RFID and more, announced its purchase of the São Paulo–based company. ...

Fragrance industry supports the 'heightened abilities' of the visually impaired

24-Nov-2015 - Delegates at the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades Conference in Sri Lanka have heard how the industry has come together to help train those with a visual impairment in...

New consumer app ranks brands according to ethical practices

23-Nov-2015 - Good On You is set to be a global cross-industry resource for conscientious shoppers. It’s grading fashion brands now and will rate cosmetics and personal care companies in 2016. 

Coty launches gender-free Calvin Klein fragrance for millennial market

20-Nov-2015 - Coty is launching its new gender-free fragrance under the Calvin Klein brand as it looks to target the millennial generation with a minimalist design and dual-faceted scent.

Yamato Holdings introduces next-day cosmetics shipping access to major Asian cities

19-Nov-2015 - Japan's Yamato Holdings has opened a logistics center in Okinawa that will offer cosmetics makers next-day shipping access to major Asian cities.

P&G research on Malassezia opens the door to microbially-mediated skin disease treatments

19-Nov-2015 - P&G's work with an international team of scientists on a full genomic sequencing of all 14 species of the Malassezia genus has paved the way for new treatments for microbially-mediated...

Dixie to bring 'marijuana infused' personal care to Australia

19-Nov-2015 - Following Australia's announcement that it will allow 'safe access' to medicinal cannabis for suffering patients for the first time, US based Dixie is on track to introduce its marijuana infused...

Coptis cosmetic R&D software sees surge in demand from Asia’s labs

18-Nov-2015 - The rise of software that helps cosmetics developers to check the efficacy and safety of ingredients in a more accessible way is seeing Coptis gain traction in Asia as formulators...

Save the date for the Cosmetics Design Hair Care Forum: December 10th!

18-Nov-2015 - The annual Cosmetics Design Hair Care Forum will be aired on December 10th at 10:30am EST/ 16.30pm Paris Time, providing all the latest in hair care trends, with a specific focus...

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Key to export success for cosmetics is good distribution partners

18-Nov-2015 - For many brands, large or small, launching internationally can be a daunting challenge. We spoke with Bulldog Skincare founder Simon Duffy, about how international expansion has presents great opportunities, how...

World’s second largest palm oil producer makes sustainability pledge

18-Nov-2015 - Golden Agri-Resources, the world’s second biggest producer of palm oil, has agreed to re-engage with The Forest Trust in an effort to improve its sustainability profile.

Evonik ups silica production with new facility in Japan

18-Nov-2015 - The Ako plant marks an increase in Evonik's capacity in Asia. And, this is just the latest expansion of the company’s global silica capacity; plans are underway for new manufacturing sites...

Asia in Focus

A look at China, Japan and Korea's priorities in skin care

17-Nov-2015 - Consumers in China, Japan and Korea have very different concerns when it comes to skin care. This gallery looks at how priorities differ in those markets and what determines product...

Perfume smells nice to humans but could it be a mosquito repellent too?

17-Nov-2015 - Latest research on the effectiveness of mosquito repellents produced some surprising results with a Victoria’s Secret perfume and Avon fragrance repelling the bugs for approximately two hours.

Shiseido CEO speaks on Japanese beauty brands and 'emotional fulfillment'

17-Nov-2015 - According to Shiseido CEO Masahiko Uotani, although Japanese beauty brands are on top of technology, functionality and service, there's still some work to be done on brand identity and connecting with the consumer....

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