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Editor’s picks: the top articles of 2013

24-Dec-2013 - This year we’ve made every effort to keep you up to date on major advancements in emerging markets to what you can expect next in terms of trends and brand...

News in brief wishes our readers a Happy Holiday!

24-Dec-2013 - As some markets slowed down in 2013, the Asia Pacific region continued to rapidly evolve, movements the Cosmetics Design team have been keeping on top of all year to keep...

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam

Probiota 2014: The ultimate pre- and probiotic science-business blend

19-Dec-2013 - Probiota 2014 – relocated from Brussels to Amsterdam and organised by NutraIngredients – will bring together the finest scientific and commercial minds operating in the pre- and probiotic sector in...

Update: India to ban importing animal-tested cosmetics

19-Dec-2013 - India is in the process of developing a bill which will prohibit animal-tested cosmetics from being imported into the country, according to the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

Japanese retailer Baroque taps into US scenting technology

19-Dec-2013 - Japanese apparel and accessories retailer Baroque Japan has increased its involvement with US fragrance solution provider Prolitec after the successful use of its technology in its stores led to the...

2013: A year of rising awareness for sustainable palm oil

19-Dec-2013 - With palm oil becoming one of the most important ingredients used by many cosmetics companies, sustainability has become a hot-button issue in 2013.

Ban in place: 2013 a big year for animal testing

18-Dec-2013 - It has been a busy twelve months for the cosmetics industry, and in Europe it was a big year concerning animal testing, so Cosmetics Design takes a look at some of...

Online retail the wave of the future for Asia-Pacific region

18-Dec-2013 - E-commerce is becoming an increasingly important trend throughout the world, but nowhere more than in the Asia-Pacific region with its fast-growing base of internet users and enormous population.

Hong Kong cosmetics market 'yet to reach its peak'

18-Dec-2013 - Specialty cosmetics chain Sa Sa reckons the HK market has yet to peak as it sees a major shift in shopping trends amongst certain consumer groups....

Singapore team discover skin cell ‘bridge’ to aid skin regeneration

18-Dec-2013 - A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered that outer skin cells are able to unite to form suspended ‘bridges’ during wound healing, which opens...


BASF to offer ‘Everlasting Beauty’ program following extensive research

17-Dec-2013 - Chemicals company BASF has launched its latest program focusing on the three anti-ageing actions of prevention, maintenance and correction having used its vast consumer research to identify what the market...

Evonik targets Middle East and Asia with launch of Halal ingredient line

17-Dec-2013 - Evonik has become one of the first major cosmetic ingredient players to launch a line of Halal certified cosmetic ingredients targeting Muslim populations worldwide.

Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics acquired by Plantier Developments, targets Asian expansion

17-Dec-2013 - New Zealand-based organic and natural cosmetic brand Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics has now been fully acquired by Plantier Developments, and is targeting expansion in Asia-Pacific.

Mintel: end of one-child policy will boost baby care in China

17-Dec-2013 - The recent relaxation of China’s one child per family policy is expected to lead to a surge in baby care and post-pregnancy cosmetics products in the region, according to a...

South Korea proposes to recognize animal testing alternatives

17-Dec-2013 - Another country may soon be moving towards alternatives to animal testing, as South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has created a policy proposal to recognize these methods for...

Round up - shedding light on this year's 'voices of the industry'

16-Dec-2013 - Over the last twelve months the Cosmetics Design team has been hunting down the most exclusive interviews and scoops for you, our treasured reader. Here, we've rounded up some of the top execs shedding light on...

L’Occitane CEO says Asia expansion continues despite 'key issues'

12-Dec-2013 - The Mediterranean cosmetics boutique has announced its plans to further expand in Macau, an area its CEO believes “is worth” obstacles like high rent or insufficient labour.

Popularity of multifunctional products expected to continue in China in 2014

12-Dec-2013 - The ‘Mixologiste’ trend of multifunctional products blurring the lines between different markets and technologies is on that is already popular and China and is expected to grow in the future...

China leads the way for growth in global market for natural personal care

12-Dec-2013 - In 2013 the China market for natural personal care is estimated to have grown by a stunning 24%, as a battle unfolds between domestic and international brands, according to Kline.

Euromonitor analyst identifies key male skin care trends

11-Dec-2013 - Men's skin care markets are becoming polarized between the simple and the complex, as Euromonitor beauty and personal care analyst Nicole Tyrimou identifies the key trends in this developing cosmetics...

Fragrance brands leverage celebrities to amplify message

11-Dec-2013 - Despite having their own online platforms and accounts, fragrance brands are increasingly leveraging star power by using celebrities to amplify the message themselves.

Asia in Focus

Expert reveals emerging segment in re-structuring Asian skin

11-Dec-2013 - Whilst consumers in each market prioritise different beauty regimes, our expert reveals a new segment emerging that caters to all skin reconstruction efforts.

FDA issues new warning on mercury cosmetics

11-Dec-2013 - The FDA has issued a warning on 15 illegal skin whitening products, many of containing dangerous heavy metals, discovered being imported into the Philippines.

University of Michigan research calls for 'better sunscreens'

11-Dec-2013 - UM scientists have found that even low levels of exposure to ultraviolet A1 or UVA1 can cause damage at the molecular level after just a few days.

News in brief

Revlon ordered to test cancer-linked cosmetics in Vietnam

11-Dec-2013 - Cosmetics company Revlon is facing another obstacle as the Vietnamese Drug Administration orders an investigation into claims that their personal care products contain cancer-causing chemicals.

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