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Editor’s picks: the top five articles of 2014

24-Dec-2014 - This year the most relevant news in the cosmetics industry spanned the region and a telling array of topics: the environment in China, novel skin care ingredients, animal testing in...

Asia in Focus

From a rise in demand for customization to the power of Korean TV - what a year it's been for Asia!

23-Dec-2014 - As we bid farewell to 2014, Cosmetics Design takes stock of the beauty innovations and trends to come out of Asia's fast moving markets. Here, we round up some of the...

Cosmetics Design Christmas Special: a prosperous year for the industry!

23-Dec-2014 - In this festive period, Cosmetics Design looks at areas of the cosmetics industry that have prospered this season, and indeed throughout the year.

A season of scent: the festive business of niche fragrances

23-Dec-2014 - Perfume is forever giftable; yet standby products like celebrity fragrance and eau de parfum aren’t necessarily the best sellers they once were. This year, specialty fragrance is putting a bow...

Does the cosmetics world know it’s Christmas time again?

23-Dec-2014 - Christmas and the holiday season can often seem like a license for the creatives in the cosmetics industry to let rip. And some of the launches highlighted in this special gallery...

'Twas the year for skin care, but not for sun care

23-Dec-2014 - As the Holiday season is upon us and we wave goodbye to another year (where did the time go?!) it is time to reflect on what happened in the industry...

'Tis the season of opportunity for beauty brands with Advent calenders!

23-Dec-2014 - This Holiday season we noted the return of the beauty Advent calendar. The version for grown-ups has created new opportunities for cosmetic brands of late, particularly in 2014 with the...

French Antitrust authority fines personal care players €605.9 million

19-Dec-2014 - France’s Competition Authority (Autorité de la concurrence) has issued a fine to 11 personal and home care companies, which includes L’Oréal, Unilever, and Beiersdorf, over allegations of a conspiracy to...

Festive Film

Happy Holidays 2014 from William Reed Business Media!

18-Dec-2014 - The holidays are fast upon us, so let’s put ‘business’ to one side and get into the festive mood. To keep in the spirit of things, we’ve got a ‘gift’...

'Cytokines therapy' gaining momentum for treating Alopecia

18-Dec-2014 - Korean based ‘AesMed’ has developed a hair loss treatment solution based on ‘Cytokines therapy’ to control hair cell activation.

Korean cosmetic brands see opportunity in Islamic markets

18-Dec-2014 - Various Korean cosmetics companies have been eyeing up the Islamic markets of late, however getting halal certification before they can target the 1.6 billion Muslim population has proved tricky for some....

Japanese scientists confident bee propolis can help hair re-growth

17-Dec-2014 - Propolis, a resin-like substance used by honeybees to seal small crevices in their hives, has been found to encourage hair growth in mice. 

China to introduce 'supervising regulation' for online cosmetic sellers

17-Dec-2014 - The China Food and Drug Administration has published a draft regulation for public consultation that will tighten the control of online sales of cosmetics.

Study points to Oxidized Glutathione as effective skin lightener

17-Dec-2014 - A recent study conducted by a group of scientists in the Philippines points to the fact that the topical use of Oxidized Glutathione can lead to skin-whitening and enhancements in...

Beiersdorf launches improved Pearlfinder initiative to encourage innovation

16-Dec-2014 - Beiersdorf has launched a revised version of its open innovation platform Pearlfinder as it looks to scout new raw materials and technologies and share creative innovation ideas.

Industry runs into harmonisation issues with Taiwan's revised chemical Act

16-Dec-2014 - Following the revised rules of Taiwan's Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act, the industry has noted the biggest problem to have been achieving registration harmonisation between EPA and MoL rules.

Nu Skin expands China footprint, but revenue outlook disappoints

16-Dec-2014 - International skin care player Nu Skin announced 2015 revenue forecasts below market expectations during its annual investor conference, but the company is continuing to expand in China.

Raw milk bath product recalled following toddler’s death

16-Dec-2014 - Having been linked with a toddler’s death in Victoria and a number of other cases of illness in young children, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is alerting consumers that...

Rahn launches plastic microbead alternative

12-Dec-2014 - Ingredients supplier Rahn introduces its Fossil Peeling Powder as a natural alternative to plastic microbeads used in face scrubs and other cosmetics products stating it is safe and does not...

Nestlé Skin Health to open 10 innovation hubs focused on skin research

11-Dec-2014 - Nestlé Skin Health will open a global network of 10 innovation hubs focused on developing solutions and techniques that will promote healthy skin through medical investigation, education and application of...

Social media fail? - Sephora campaign in the spotlight

11-Dec-2014 - A recent social media campaign for a store launch in Australia has thrust international beauty brand Sephora into the spotlight after a typo was failed to be spotted, changing the...

Influenced by nature – natural ingredients in use today

11-Dec-2014 - Natural skin care goes back thousands of years to when the Ancient Egyptians used treatments for a variety of skin conditions and with the category still being popular today, we...

Chinese packaging - competitors and shelf sets more varied than the West

11-Dec-2014 - Whilst there is no winning formula for packaging success in China, recognising the global challenges facing packaging systems and factoring in the dynamics of this market, has been flagged as a good...


Christmas-inspired product trends in the personal care sector

10-Dec-2014 - Market researcher Datamonitor has compiled an interactive report for Cosmetics Design readers based on  key Christmas-inspired product trends within the personal care sector.

Vietnamese cosmetics expansion still limited in Asia

10-Dec-2014 - Local Vietnamese cosmetics brands are having difficulty broadening their presence in Asia due to fierce competition and a lack of resources to fund campaigns.

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