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Multifunctional and customisation set to re-shape the cosmetics world

28-Jan-2014 - The growing multifunctional and customisation trends are about giving consumers more choice and greater versatility, while providing manufacturers with a greater number of premium level SKUs.

China’s cosmetic market landscape looks set for big changes

22-Jan-2014 - The cosmetic and personal care market in China has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, something that many international players have been able to capitalize on, but are the good...

Don’t forget the real reason why natural ingredient certification is so important!

12-Nov-2013 - With all the complexity and bureaucracy surrounding natural and organic ingredient certification it’s easy to forget the real reason for why it exists, which is simply to ensure safety and...

Failure of Danone beauty yogurt is a learning opportunity

09-Feb-2009 - Danone pulled beauty yogurt Essensis from French shelves last week and left behind a lesson in how not to market edible cosmetics.

Vanity fayre: cosmetic foods are not nutraceuticals

24-Jul-2006 - Functional foods are generally defined as products imbued with additional nutrients with health-promoting properties. But the industry needs to be wary of foods that present no actual health benefit from...

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