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Evonik Industries AG


As a specialist in the manufacture and supply of effective skin care, hair care and body cleansing products, Evonik pursues its unique philosophy Good looking forward which expresses three aspects: foresight, responsibility and realization. That means investing resources now to achieve better results in the future, delivering the best possible transparency within the product lifecycle and seeing product development through to completion. This determined, target-led mindset, combining technical knowledge, resourceful, networked thinking and decisive action, offers particular advantages when it comes to supporting the innovation projects of our clients. The Personal Care business line benefits from a unique combination of three technology platforms: organics, silicones and actives, as well as using renewable resources and sustainable technologies. Our product portfolio comprises emulsifiers, secondary surfactants, synthetic and enzymatically produced emollients, conditioners, thickeners, pearlizing agents and a wide spectrum of active ingredients. In formulations such as creams, lotions, body wash/shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, our products make a significant contribution to consistency, efficacy and sensory appeal.

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