New products added to US classic brand after successful relaunch

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After being acquired by a brand licensing company late last year, American classic Lander brands is experiencing a renaissance with the addition of new products.

Michigan-based Grand Brands acquired Lander in 2008 when the brand had been running for 88 years.

According to the company, success of the initial personal care line launch and strong overseas sales, has led to further additions to the range.

A new shampoo and conditioner will join the adult range, a new dental rinse will be added to the kid’s product range and new oral care and skin products will be introduced.

“It's ​[the Lander range] received a very warm reception both domestically and abroad. The first container of Lander was just shipped out to the Philippines and Lander is also now being carried on the shelves of major retailers in Puerto Rico,”​ said Grand Brands president Sue Hunt.

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