All news articles for June 2019

Sugandh Agrawal, founder of GUNAS

Why is this vegan handbag company getting into the beauty business?

By Deanna Utroske

Thanks to funding from an anonymous angel investor, GUNAS will soon be selling soaps. The company Sugandh Agrawal founded in 2009 is, according to New York City – based financial advisor Neil Mohinani, currently valued at $5 million and by 2025 that figure...

©Getty Images \ (baibaz)

Will new data change beauty makers’ foam formulation strategy?

By Deanna Utroske

An article on the dynamics of collective bubble collapse, published last month in the online peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports, outlines 2 mechanisms by which foams collapse and proposes a next research approach to discover how to formulate more...

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