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IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT: combination of proprietary ingredients for lighter and lawless skin

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IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT is a combination of the patented actives - 

IBR-Snowflake®, IBR-Dormin® & IBR-Phyto(flu)ene®.

Hindering in concert multitude triggers of pigmentations to result in an outstanding flawless, even and lighter skin tone.


IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT multifunctional ingredients, contributes to the protection of the skin, keeping the skin younger and younger looking.



Skin pigmentation is the darkening of skin areas, caused by increased melanocyte proliferation, melanin synthesis and/or melanin deposition. Although known to be associated with numerous physiological conditions, pigmentation is most closely linked to repeated irritation and inflammation of the skin. This inflammation is most commonly initiated by exposure to UV.

Additionally, ageing, acne, depilation, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, various skin disorders form just a short list of repeated insults to the skin that result in hyperpigmentation. Such hyperpigmentation is presented as darker skin tone, dark spots (age spots), freckles and uneven skin tone.



Clinical findings confirmed established in vitro ​activities and present IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT as an outstanding and effective solution for the spotless, flawless and lighter skin tone.


Hindering of multiple triggers of pigmentations NOT related to tyrosinase inhibitors include:


  • Direct inhibition of melanin synthesis
  • Direct inhibition of melanocytes proliferation 
  • Anti inflammatory activity
  • Multiple anti oxidant activity
  • Boost of SOD, the natural anti oxidant skin protection 
  • Protecting against both UVA and UVB


An in vivo​ placebo controlled study evaluating the skin lightening effect of a cream containing IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT (comprising of IBR-Snowflake®, IBR-Dormin® & IBR-TCLC® (tomato colorless carotenoids) resulted in a significant, outstanding skin whitening effect at both 42 days and 84 days time points.

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