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Instant & Long-Term Moisturization with Fision® Hydrate

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Instant & Long-Term Moisturization with Fision® Hydrate

TRI-K’s Fision®​ Hydrate​ is an instantaneous moisturization solution that targets long-lasting hydration & overall skin wellness. 

Fision®​ Hydrate​ delivers immediate & long-term moisturizing properties while reducing TEWL to support barrier function compared to the placebo. Based on a consumer evaluation study, Fision®​ Hydrate​ leaves skin smoother & better moisturized while increasing absorbance & limiting perceptions of tackiness & greasiness compared to commercial and placebo lotions.           

This moisturizing product improves hydration, supports barrier function and quench’s skins thirst for the ultimate reflection of wellness. 

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