Modelling silhouette through specific peptides

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Modelling silhouette through specific peptides
Age, genetics or diet… are factors able to induce morphological changes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. An increase or a decrease in the volume fatty tissue could lead to visible skin irregularities such as cellulite or flaccidity, respectively.By attending this webinar you will be provided with in-depth information about two active ingredients recently introduced by Lipotec which offer an integrated molecular solution to get the desired silhouette.Both ingredients act at adipogenesis by modulating differentiation process but whereas SILUSYNE™ contains a peptide able to reduce fat depots ADIFYLINE™ is a peptide with capacity to give volume to key areas such as breast or cheeks.Specific peptides with efficacy to improve skin uniformity and body shape which are part of AIMTEC™, Lipotec’s product brand consisting on peptides and organic molecules designed to reach, stimulate, inhibit or compete with specific targets.


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