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Pycnogenol® Improves Psoriasis Symptoms

Pycnogenol® Improves Psoriasis Symptoms

Horphag Research | 24-Sep-2014 | Clinical Study

A recent study published by Panminerva Medica found daily supplementation of Pycnogenol® improves psoriasis symptoms including redness, skin hardening...

Dow Chemical Personal Care

EcoSmooth™ Delight: a novel sensory enhancer

Dow Personal Care | 16-Jun-2014 | Information Request

Dow is pleased to announce the launch of EcoSmoothTM Delight, a Novel Sensory Enhancer that offers high-end consumer-perceived benefits for skin care applications...


DermCom - Cell2cell communication

Mibelle Biochemistry | 28-May-2014

DermCom is the first cosmetic ingredient that uses cell to cell communication for repair deep in the skin. DermCom triggers in the skin surface cells the...

Lipout - Burns fat and achieves centimetric reduction

Burns fat and achieves centimetric reduction

Provital Group | Recorded the 05-May-2014 | Webinar

The latest in fat reducing. Lipout™ is an ingredient that activates browning process of adypocites and thermogenesis to burn fat . In vivo tests show amazing...

Air Products

Revitalizing the Skin with Molecular Oxygen

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. | Recorded the 18-Jun-2014 | Webinar

Upper layers of the skin rely on and are largely supplied by atmospheric oxygen. This molecular oxygen is vital to support the normal structure and activity...

Under the Skin

Under the Skin

SCHOTT AG – Lighting and Imaging | Recorded the 18-Jun-2014 | Webinar

Cosmetic counseling as a point-of-sale and marketing service is a unique opportunity for direct, value added contact with your clients.Selecting the optimum...

Protection of skin’s natural defense system

Protection of skin’s natural defense system

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany | Recorded the 18-Jun-2014 | Webinar

This webinar opens up new opportunities for innovative sun protection by supporting skin’s own defense systems.Find out how to create a variety of multifunctional...

Snow Algae Powder activates longevity genes

Snow Algae Powder activates longevity genes

Mibelle Biochemistry | Recorded the 18-Jun-2014 | Webinar

Snow Algae Powder is a novel active based on an extremophile algae living on glaciers. The cosmetic ingredient is produced in a sustainable way in special...

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