Baxter Laboratories

Baxter Laboratories

Baxter Laboratories is an innovator and manufacturer of topical Medicines, Sun Care and skin Care products based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide a full service model that allows our customers to focus on marketing their products and brands.


As a trusted manufacturer of topical prescription and OTC medicines, Baxter Laboratories is the partner of choice for many leading multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Baxter Laboratories is licensed by both TGA (Licence Number: 171927) and APMVA (Licence Number: 2162).  Our ever growing portfolio of pharmaceutical brands which have been entrusted to us to manufacture and supply is a testament to our approach to GMP compliance, customer service and versatility.


Baxter Laboratories is the leader in the development, manufacture and supply of world class sun protection products.  We have formulations suited to all specific functions and approved for sale in all global markets.

Our formulations are used by many leading brands in Australia and exported directly to UK, Europe, USA and throughout Asia.  As one of the largest contract manufacturers of sun care products in the Asia Pacific region, we have exceptional purchasing power and a dedicated team to ensure that the formula’s we develop are the most innovative and cost effective on the market.  Baxter Laboratories will be your integral partner in the supply of quality sun protection products to the world through continual innovation and effective supply chain management.


With a dedicated business manager looking after you, we understand that speed-to-market, an effective supply chain and a creative product development team is required to maintain your competitive advantage.

We are passionate about the products that are manufactured in our facility and are dedicated to making your brand a success.  We work hard to ensure that deadlines are achieved and we provide all of the technical and regulatory support as well as ingredient and product knowledge that you will need.

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