Croda - where cutting edge technology & innovation go hand in hand

Croda - where cutting edge technology & innovation go hand in hand

Croda​ is one of the world's leading global suppliers of speciality raw materials for the personal care industry, working with their customers to meet consumer needs.


Supported by proven efficacy testing, Croda's wide and diverse product range combines functionality with innovation to deliver sophisticated ingredients and actives that meet the needs of specific consumer demands.


Beyond speciality ingredients, Croda's expertise in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis and regulatory support provides customers with immediate access to all services that are essential for successful personal care product development and implementation.


Product innovation
Over the last decade, Croda's skin, sun and hair care technologists have opened up new vistas for manufacturers with the creation of unique and patented technologies designed to answer current and future market trends. An optimised mix of natural raw material sourcing combined with creative chemistry enables Croda ​to offer exceptional solutions to the challenges facing their customers.


Claims support
Working closely with customers, Croda​ has furthered industry understanding of cosmetic systems using the latest product validation and evaluation techniques. The company recognises that claims substantiation is an essential part of any product information package. A programme of performance testing is coordinated on a worldwide basis, using a network of in-house laboratories and external testing houses.

Techniques used to measure product efficacy include a range of in vitro and in vivo (human) models, as well as sensory evaluation by expert panels. As Croda​ is involved in all areas of skin, sun and hair care, the parameters tested are wide-reaching; skin moisturisation, emollience, mildness, elasticity, wrinkle reduction, dermal repair, anti-inflammation, hair strength &ageing, softness, detangling, curl retention, cuticle repair, conditioning, SPF, UVA/UVB and shine.


Strategic partnerships
Croda also carries a full line of natural, botanical ingredients from its Crodarom division; a full range of skin care actives from the Sederma division and a large range of natural oils from its Seatons division, helping to consolidate Croda’s position as a world leading supplier of speciality ingredients for the personal care industry.


Croda’s ingredients include:

• Proteins, amino acids & derivatives
• Lanolin, lanolin fractions & derivatives
• Nonionic surfactants
• Anionic surfactants - incl sarcosinates
• Amphoteric surfactants
• Cationic compounds
• Emollient esters & ethers
• Fatty acids & alcohols
• Humectants
• Synthetic waxes
• Triglycerides, speciality
• Speciality blends & bases
• Titanium Dioxides and Zinc Oxides