Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the business unit of the Unipex Group which develops, manufactures and markets innovative ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry. We offer active ingredients, functional ingredients and delivery systems from various origins.

Our active ingredients are designed to maintain the body’s natural reactions, strengthen its defenses against environmental aggressions, delay the appearance of signs of aging, and address other contemporary cosmetic challenges.

Our functional ingredients deliver unique texture, skin feel and optimal product performance. Our phospholipids-based delivery systems offer technical vectors to increase the efficacy and stability of active ingredients. Our broad offering is complemented by a wide range of scientific, technical, marketing, formulation and regulatory support services.

The formulation laboratory has been set up to unlock the full potential of each ingredient and assist the manufacturer with the different stages of their product development, from the design of new product concepts to the first production batches.

Latest innovations Elix-IR™ and Phytenso™ were both finalists of 2013 in-cosmetics Paris Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards!

Progeline™ and Adipofill’in™ are both GOLD recipients of 2012 in-cosmetics Barcelona Innovation Zone’s Best Ingredient Awards!

Capixyl™ is also the BRONZE recipients of 2011 in-cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone’s Best Ingredient Awards!

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