Marine Bio prepares to launch astaxanthin-rich sea grass mask

By Deanna Utroske

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© Getty Images / (taurus1505)
© Getty Images / (taurus1505)
The company, with tech and product development roots in South Korea, and offices in Washington DC, just started a crowdfunding campaign for its Marine Bio Mask Packs, formulated with red algae and spirulina, and using a next-generation mask material that the company’s Kickstarter page calls an “underwater skin care treasure.”

Described, on the Marine Bio Kickstarter page, as a sea grass mask, the new material is made with agar, a gel-like substance derived from red algae. All told, the sheet portion of each two-piece sheet mask is comprised of purified water, red algae fiber, cellulose fibril, agar, carboximethyl cellulose, chitosan fiber, and chitosan.

And the formula, per se, is simply aloe vera extract and purified water. But the sheet mask material itself apparently imparts most of the skin care benefits of the new mask.

Product development

“Led by researchers and developers Heo Yun-Young, Professor Jong-Gyun, and Director of Research Lee Yun-Yoo, Marine Bio Mask Packs have been developed by industry professionals and with techniques secured by patents with Chungnam National University in Korea,” ​according to a press item issued about the crowdfunding campaign.

The Kickstarter is off to a slow start in terms of dollars pledged. But the product is apparently market ready or very close to it.

Backers who pledge their support on the crowdfunding platform are promised (should the campaign reach it’s $10,000 goal by the end of the month) to receive Marine Bio Mask Packs in February.

Clean, green, and marine

The Marine Bio press release, brand site, and Kickstarter page all highlight safe, simple, and environmentally friendly features of the masks, noting that the spirulina is harvested from the wild, that red algae fibers (not merely extracts) are used in the skin care masks, and that there are ostensibly no preservatives in the product.

The benefits of the Marine Bio masks are a mix of detox and anti-aging: “reducing wrinkles, whitening skin, and cleaning your pores,” ​according to text on the Kickstarter page.

Aligning the product with the edible beauty trend​, Marine Bio emphasizes that spirulina is a UN-approved food: “Spirulina has been approved by the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a form of edible emergency food, which the company notes underscores its commitment to consumer safety and the use of eco-friendly bio materials,” ​notes the press item.  



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