Fenchem launches organic aloe vera extract

China-based ingredient provider Fenchem is launching an organic aloe vera extract that combines a variety of active components aimed at natural skin care formulations.

Amongst its active components, the extract provides aloe polysaccharides, protein, organic acid, amino acid and microelements that can be incorporated into formulations for moisturising, anti-inflammatory and skin lightening products, as well hair care products.

However, the company is also marketing the extract on the bases of its anti-acne capabilities, stating that the anti-inflammatory properties have a positive impact on the condition, helping to soothe and clear up outbreaks.

This is because, combined with the inflamation side affect of acne, the extract also contains anti-bacterial properties, helping to tackle the infection that causes the condition.

The ingredient is organic certified and will be showcased at the forthcoming NYSCC Supplier’s Day, being held in Edison, New Jersey, 12 – 13 May, as well as the in-cosmetics show, in Munich, Germany, 21 – 23 April.

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