Xango’s mangosteen fruit based sunscreen gains SPF and PA labelling

By Pooja Kondhia

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Xango, a US-based wellness company, which uses the mangosteen fruit in most of its products and is central to the brand, has gained SPF 25 and PA+++ labelling to its Glimpse mineral treatment sunscreen.

Having undergone UV testing, consisting of the FDA approved method for SPF for UVB rays and the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association method for UVA testing, Xango claims the sunscreen is safe and effective skin protection.

This is because it contains zinc oxide and botanicals rather than chemicals such as octinoxate and avobenzone, which could cause harm to the skin.

“Recent studies raise the question as to whether the more chemical-laden sunscreens on the market do more harm than good,” stated Beverly Hollister, Xango senior vice president.

Sunscreen claims

Currently only valid in the US, testing for the SPF and PA claims involved established controls of test subjects; the company has stated UVA/UVB testing included measuring the impact of ultraviolet light on a defined are of the subject’s skin versus that with the Glimpse applied ingredients.

For the PA claims, the rating was determined by measuring the amount of UV rays required to produce a pre-determined minimal persistent pigmentation darkening on the unprotected skin as opposed to the protected skin.

The SPF was calculated by dividing the amount of time required to produce minimal pigmentation also on unprotected skin versus protected skin.


The Glimpse mineral treatment sunscreen also contains botanical ingredients from the mangosteen fruit – an exotic fruit which orginates from Southeast Asia – such as a blend of mangosteen pericarp oil, mangosteen polymeric complex and mangosteen acidic complex.

According to the company, this blend, called BioActive X³, helps soothe the skin naturally, calm signs of inflammation, and clarify the skin’s appearance.

Other ingredients used in the treatment include oat protein powder, silk powder and bio-chelated minerals.

Mangosteen fruit

Xango is largely based around the mangosteen fruit, with most of its products containing some form of the fruit; it has various different product lines based around the fruit, such as a skin care line, a hair and body care line and even a food and beverage line.

Native to Southeast Asia, where it grows in abundance, the fruit was traditionally used locally to aid health, either ingested as a tea or applied as a poultice to the skin.

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