2021 /2022 / 2023 Editorial Calendar

Editorial schedule and features list

CosmeticsDesign-Asia Editorial Calendar 2021 / 2022 / 2023
October 2021Personalisation and customisation
November 2021Packaging and design innovations
January 2022Anti-ageing Innovations
February 2022Colour Cosmetics Trends
March 2022Halal Cosmetics Developments
April 2022Waterless Beauty
May 2022Protective Beauty: Sun Care / Blue Light / Pollution / Sanitisers
June 2022Circular Beauty And Sustainability
July 20221. Skin Microbiome Insights
2. Beauty from Within (Editorial Webinar)
August 2022Advances in fragrances
September 2022CBD And Hemp Cosmetics
October 2022Personalisation And Customisation
November 2022Packaging And Design Innovations
January 2023Multi-Sensory Beauty
February 2023Whitening And Lighting
March 2023Beauty Tech And Devices

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