2022/2023 Editorial Calendar

Editorial schedule and features list

CosmeticsDesign-Asia Editorial Calendar 2022 / 2023
January 2022Anti-ageing Innovations
February 2022Colour Cosmetics Trends
March 2022Halal Cosmetics Developments
April 20221. Circular Beauty And Sustainability
2. Circular Beauty – From Concept To Reality (Editorial Webinar)
May 2022Protective Beauty: Sun Care / Blue Light / Pollution / Sanitisers
June 2022Waterless Beauty
July 2022Packaging And Design Innovations
August 2022Advances in fragrances
September 20221. Beauty Tech And Devices
2. Beauty 4.0 – Tech, Tools And Future Trends (Editorial Webinar)
October 2022Personalisation And Customisation
November 2022Skin Microbiome Insights
January 2023Multi-Sensory Beauty
February 2023Whitening And Lighting
March 2023CBD And Hemp Cosmetics

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