Mumbai agency 'Cut the Crap' takes on India's 'first' full halal cosmetics brand

By Michelle Yeomans

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Mumbai agency 'Cut the Crap' takes on India's 'first' full halal cosmetics brand
Mumbai-based creative agency, 'Cut The Crap' has taken on what claims to be India’s 'first' halal cosmetics brand, iba to 'create a brand that would be progressive and non-preachy.' 

Iba Halal Cosmetics, developed by sisters Grishma and Mauli Teli was launched in 2012 following an investment of Rs 5 Crore, which extended to the introduction of over 60 products.

The agency behind the brand's identity, 'Cut The Crap' says it has been instrumental in creating and conceptualizing Iba - from the naming of the brand to packaging and communication for a category that has very low awareness in India.

According to CTC, Iba in Arabic means sense and pride and "there is pride in switching to a brand that stands for values like beauty without cruelty​".

The company was started up three years ago, but the new line of Halal certified products was launched after the sisters realised that there was demand for a comprehensive line of products catering specifically to Muslim women.

No alcohol or pig fats

India is set to hold the world’s second largest Muslim population after Indonesia, and the Teli sisters are aiming to tap into the fast-growing income among this population, which is now leading to a spike in demand for products that meet the beliefs of this segment of the population.

The founders say they aimed to launch a product line that avoids commonly used ingredients derived from either pig fat or by products, or else alcohol – both of which are not permitted to be used by strict practitioners.


Because the line is also free of animal fats, it is also said to appeal to the sizeable portion of the Indian population that is vegetarian.

The plan is to expand the business both in India and into markets worldwide where there are also a higher percentage of the population that identifies as Muslim.

The sisters say that in India, the strategy will be to expand through the development of a comprehensive retail and distribution that will include two company stores in Ahmedabad, which will later be complimented by up to 20 more stories within the first year and plans for an online presence.

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