Product profiles: Top stories on the new product innovations in the APAC beauty space

By Amanda Lim

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In our round-up of the recent product developments in the Asia Pacific beauty and personal care market, we look into Shiseido’s latest serum, a waterless innovation from MONO Skincare, and more.

1 – Ultimate upgrade: Shiseido’s latest Ultimune serum taps into breakthrough research on blood circulation

The fourth iteration of Shiseido’s best-selling Ultimune serum showcases the company’s research into the co-relation between blood circulation and skin health.

The latest serum feature’s Shiseido’s The Lifeblood technology as well as new ingredients Houttuynia cordata and fermented hibiscus Extract.

Shiseido’s latest dermatological discovery, dubbed the Lifeblood Research, dove into the significance of blood circulation and its relation to skin health and its appearance.

“The latest ground-breaking Lifeblood Research involves fundamentally improving the skin by constantly enhancing blood flow. It is different from conventional skincare technology, which only deals with individual skin concerns temporarily and only on the surface level,” ​said Ryota Yukisada, chief brand officer of Shiseido.

 2 – Bring your own water: HK firm develops soluble skin care tablets that pack a punch with prebiotic ingredients

Upcoming beauty brand MONO Skincare has developed a range of microbiome-friendly skin care tablets that are activated by dissolving them in room-temperature water​.

The brand is currently in its pre-launch stage and offers seven products, including a facial serum and moisturiser, as well as a deodorant.

The minimalist brand focuses on the skin microbiome preserving skin biodiversity. The formulations contain prebiotics to support the skin microbiota, such as preBIULIN AGA.

The company claims that this ingredient hydrates 50% faster, 20% more intensively and 70% longer compared to hyaluronic acid.

3 – One and done: ONLYSKIN launches cleanser-sunscreen hybrid to boost consumer convenience

A Singapore-based cosmetics company has developed a wash-on sunscreen​ that it claims can offer convenient 24-hour ‘wash-to-wash’ protection.

ONLYSKIN is a subsidiary of ONLY Group, a medical aesthetics company founded in 2005, operates four medical aesthetic clinic brands, a cryotherapy centre and develops a range of products including its own skin care line.

The firm recently launched Cleanse Protect Renew (CPR), a multifunctional sunscreen that protects against UV rays, blue light, and pollution – after washing it off.

“All you need to do is wash your face. And after that, on top of having clean skin, you’ll be protected from UV rays,”​ explained Eliza Yuen, head of marketing, ONLY Group.

4 – ‘The hero is the bug’: NZ biotech firm Blis Technology launches new brand with ‘skin-specific’ probiotic strain

New Zealand-based probiotics firm has made its debut in the cosmetics space with its new skin care brand, Unconditional Skincare Co., which utilises a probiotic strain​ that is naturally found in the skin.

Founded two decades ago, Blis Technologies Limited is a biotechnology company that manufactures advanced probiotics for the mouth and throat.

It has recently entered the skin care space with the development of BLIS Q24, a patented micrococcus luteus strain which features in the brand as the key active ingredient.

BLIS Q24 acts as ‘crowd control’​ to reduce the number of bad bacteria in your microbiome. During its life cycle, it produces postbiotics, which combat bad bacteria while helping to modulate the skin’s immune system.

5 – Oat revolution: India’s MilkinOats forays into personal care following beverage and chocolate launches

India-based MilkinOats which produces flavoured oat milk and vegan oat milk chocolate, has launched the country’s first oat-based personal care brand​.

Marketed under the Daily Essentials brand, it currently sells four products - a body lotion, body butter, bathing bar and a bath bomb.

The personal care brand was launched in April this year, following the launch of its F&B products in March.

Ashna Goel, founder of MilkinOats, said she discovered that oats had natural exfoliating and hydrating properties due to its beta-glucan content.

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