New lipstick concept points to future of the on-the-go color cosmetics

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TEARandGO has been designed around easy application and portability.  Image courtesy of TEARandGO
TEARandGO has been designed around easy application and portability. Image courtesy of TEARandGO

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TEARandGO’s is an on-the-go lipstick with a very simple but effective concept that also has an interesting backstory.

On-the-go color cosmetics is a fast-growing area, providing solutions for busy makeup wearers who want simple application without having to take a full bag of products and bulky applicators with them wherever they go.

CosmeticsDesign-USA (CDU) caught up with founder Deborah Golden (DG), who devised the concept with her daughter as a simple solution to an age-old problem. This interview also lifts the lid on the brand’s target audience, its approach to developing a meaningful product and where the business is likely to go in the future.

CDU: What were the main driving forces behind the launch of this concept?

DG: To address the need for a practical solution for on-the-go beauty products, we started with lipstick because of our personal experience. Gearing up for a hike with my daughter, Olivia, the challenge of carrying a bulky lip product in our pocket (actually in our sock) sparked an idea for a portable, flat, and user-friendly lipstick. This realization became the foundation of TEARandGO.

It was truly joyful to be able to develop this idea alongside my daughter. It’s been an incredibly rewarding and meaningful journey to create a product that not only serves a practical purpose but also strengthens our bond as a family. Our collaborative effort reflects the values of unity, innovation, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact.

CDU: What are the primary benefits of this concept to consumers?

DG: TEARandGO is all about making your life easier. We realized the need for a beauty product that’s not only portable but also incredibly user-friendly and that perfectly suits the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle.

But it goes beyond that – TEARandGO eliminates the annoyance of clutter, as its innovative concept allows you to use only what you need, leaving behind the days of unused makeup products crowding your drawers and taking up space in your bags. Its slim profile enables versatile storage options, fitting into your phone case, wallet, gym bag, purse, pocket, makeup bag, desk, or even your car.

TEARandGO isn’t just about personal convenience; it’s an eco-conscious choice too, contributing to the critical mission of reducing environmental waste by promoting the efficient use of makeup. It’s the beauty product of the future, designed with you and the planet in mind.

CDU: Who is your target consumer?

DG: Our target consumers span a wide spectrum, reflecting the versatility of the concept. We cater to both females and males who seek a portable, convenient, environmentally friendly solution for carrying lip products without the burden of excess clutter. Trendsetters, those on the cutting edge of beauty trends, find an innovative addition to their beauty routines. Makeup artists, whose work demands precision and convenience, appreciate this product as a hassle-free solution for client touch-ups.

CDU: What were the main challenges in developing and getting this product to market?

DG: Developing and bringing TEARandGO to the market presented several significant challenges. First and foremost, ensuring that the product was made in the USA was a non-negotiable priority for both me and my daughter, who serves as the co-founder.

The key challenge was finding a U.S.-based manufacturer that not only shared our vision, but also possessed the technical expertise to create this unique, first-in-class product. This search and development process extended over the course of a year, demanding enthusiasm and optimism to overcome hurdles.

Furthermore, introducing a new concept like this to the public requires a concerted effort to build brand awareness and reach a wider audience. The product’s versatility, and its potential to address a variety of needs for different individuals, made this process enjoyable and rewarding. For instance, it’s a universal problem to fit a wallet, sunglasses, phone, keys, and a lipstick (and maybe even a gloss) into a small purse. This innovation not only streamlines daily routines but also has the potential to reduce the need for buying multiple lipstick tubes of the same shade. In essence, it is a fun, fresh, clean, and convenient solution that promises to revolutionize the way we approach beauty products and their everyday use.

CDU: How do you convince consumers who are in two minds about using a single-use product?

Deborah Golden, TEARandGO founder
Deborah Golden, TEARandGO founder. Image courtesy of TEARandGO

DG: TEARandGO addresses this by offering several compelling reasons to make the switch. I can personally relate to the issue of a cluttered makeup drawer, what I affectionately call my “lipstick graveyard”. We often purchase lipstick for a single occasion or specific look, only to have it languish untouched for years. TEARandGO changes this narrative by providing a flexible solution. You can experiment with seasonal colors, ensuring you’re always in style, and use it for special occasions or your daily routine. Furthermore, it promotes worry-free sharing with friends.

Beyond convenience, there’s a significant hygienic advantage to single-use products. Using the product reduces the risk of germs accumulating in your lipstick tube, ensuring a cleaner and safer application.

Sustainability is also at the core of our commitment. The outer box is made of recyclable paper, and our single-use applicators are recyclable as well. We’re actively working on developing a sustainable protective film, although it may not be available at launch, it is a testament to our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

CDU: What is the future for this concept? Do you envisage it being rolled out into other areas?

DG: TEARandGO has many outlets in which to grow. It has an exciting future ahead. It aims to shape the beauty industry by reducing waste and offering space-saving solutions. The brand plans to expand globally, addressing space and waste issues in various regions. Our commitment to inclusivity is also evident in the potential launch of a men’s line. This not only underscores the brand’s dedication to catering to diverse markets but also taps into burgeoning opportunities in the beauty industry.

In addition to the core concept, TEARandGO is poised to revolutionize the way brands connect with their customers through an innovative sampling option. Recognizing the importance of trying products before purchase, the brand offers an exceptional sampling experience that showcases new and best-selling shades. The integration of it as sampling units serves as hygienic, convenient, single-use testers that allow customers to experience product texture, color, and quality firsthand. This approach aligns seamlessly with sustainability ethos, reducing waste while enhancing the consumer experience.

Moreover, our expansion includes a colorful palette of possibilities. The brand plans to introduce color collections such as the Holiday Palette; Blushing Brides; and the vibrant Vivid Collection; This expansion goes beyond lip products, venturing into eye shadow, blush, and concealer, offering consumers a comprehensive and innovative beauty experience.

CDU: Where would you like to see the brand in five years’ time?

DG: In five years, I envision TEARandGO achieving even greater heights. Building on the goals mentioned earlier, I’d like to explore the possibility of expanding the brand into the fragrance industry, offering innovative solutions that align with our core values.

Additionally, we are in the early stages of exploring pharmaceutical applications, such as single- use Neosporin and other products that typically come in messy packets. The brand could provide a clean and convenient application method for such items, improving hygiene and usability.

In essence, I see this as a dynamic and adaptable concept that continues to grow and diversify, making life more convenient, sustainable, and enjoyable for consumers across various industries.

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