Skin Protection 2018 Market Overview – Mintel

Skin Protection 2018

This webinar will provide you with all the latest information about the fast growing and evolving skin protection category, brought to you by the experts from the Mintel Beauty team. The presentation will tap into its vast market intelligent resources to provide a comprehensive picture on how this category has become one of the major forces in skin care, thanks to growing consumer awareness about the numerous environmental hazards that can cause significant damage to the skin.
An ever increasing body of evidence points to a number of causes, with UV rays from the sun probably topping the list. But now research into other hazards, including air pollution and artificial light has significantly expanded demand for skin protection products that tackle these problems too. Mintel’s presentation will go into detail about the growing scope for products that tackle these specific skin care issues and the type of products that are being launched to target skin protection.


Simon Pitman Simon Pitman Senior Editor