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MATILOOK®: To keep skin gloss in check!

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MATILOOK®: To keep skin gloss in check!

After the launch of SANISKIN®​, which acts on the 4 pillars of acne and SEBOXYL®​, which targets the oxidation of Sebum, Solabia has developed a new complementary product that revitalizes the appearance of oily skin by refining the skin texture and limiting skin shine. MATILOOK®​, restricts pore enlargement and provides more effective prevention against the most visible pores.

Solabia drew inspiration from the Golden apple of Cydonia or Quince Tree with astringent properties. But the researchers of the Solabia Group have reached a new milestone by proving that in a dry matter equivalent, quince tree leaf extract has an astringent activity far superior to that of a fruit extract. Indeed, the leaves have a higher polyphenol content. They are rich in hydroxycinnamic derivatives, such as 5-O-caffeoylquinic acid also known as "pseudo-tannins" and in oligomeric proanthocyanidins or OPC’s.

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