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AGASCALM™ Reduces stress-induced inflammation and redness

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AGASCALM™ Reduces stress-induced inflammation and redness

A stressful daily lifestyle can have a detrimental impact on the skin. Agascalm™ helps to neutralise the negative effects caused by psychological stress, such as skin inflammation and redness.

Agascalm™ is derived from the Agastache mexicana plant, traditionally used for ‘frightening and shocking’ situations.

It is cultivated in a sustainable way in Mexico by a community of women. The respect for the  biodiversity, the environment and the creation of jobs means that it is more than just an active.

An in-vivo​ study with  female volunteers, showed a clear improvement in skin tone and radiance and a reduction of skin redness.

It also increases microvascular tonicity and restores the barrier function.

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