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Sustainability has developed from an industry buzzword to a necessity for cosmetics firms, with developments in green chemistry, formulation and packaging. Here Cosmetics Design looks at the latest news and innovations in green cosmetics.

China to banish poverty by using hemp – even in cosmetics

03-Apr-2014 - The Chinese government is now actively promoting hemp cultivation in various industries, including cosmetics, as a tool for lifting rural Chinese out of poverty.

Septem Soken to continue Eskitis Institute skin care research

12-Mar-2014 - Japanese cosmetics company, Septem Soken, has confirmed a three year extension to its research at the Eskitis Institute's 'Nature Bank', with which it looks to discover potential new ingredients for...

Greenpeace puts pressure on P&G over palm oil sourcing strategy

05-Mar-2014 - Greenpeace says that personal care giant Procter & Gamble could be doing more to source palm oil from eco-friendly sources, in turn avoiding the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia.

News in brief

Cardia awarded ‘Green Excellence’ for sustainable work

04-Mar-2014 - Cardia, an Australian supplier of sustainable resins, has been announced as the winner of this year’s International Association of Insolvency Regulators ‘Green Excellence’ award.

Mintel: a gallery of Asian skin care innovations

19-Feb-2014 - Asia is often viewed as the centre of skin care innovation. Here, Mintel rounds up some of the products dominating the region's markets..

Update: India to ban importing animal-tested cosmetics

19-Dec-2013 - India is in the process of developing a bill which will prohibit animal-tested cosmetics from being imported into the country, according to the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

2013: A year of rising awareness for sustainable palm oil

19-Dec-2013 - With palm oil becoming one of the most important ingredients used by many cosmetics companies, sustainability has become a hot-button issue in 2013.

Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics acquired by Plantier Developments, targets Asian expansion

17-Dec-2013 - New Zealand-based organic and natural cosmetic brand Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics has now been fully acquired by Plantier Developments, and is targeting expansion in Asia-Pacific.

China leads the way for growth in global market for natural personal care

12-Dec-2013 - In 2013 the China market for natural personal care is estimated to have grown by a stunning 24%, as a battle unfolds between domestic and international brands, according to Kline.

News in brief

Revlon ordered to test cancer-linked cosmetics in Vietnam

11-Dec-2013 - Cosmetics company Revlon is facing another obstacle as the Vietnamese Drug Administration orders an investigation into claims that their personal care products contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Record number of companies 'offsetting' palm kernel oil

10-Dec-2013 - Record numbers of palm kernel oil producers are offsetting their production by supporting sustainable growers, according to certification company Green Palm.

Palm oil manufacturer admits ‘regulatory gaps’ in forest clearing

27-Nov-2013 - Indonesian palm oil manufacturer Bumitama has denied accusations by a lobby group that they have cleared areas of rainforest without a permit and caused damage to endangered species, but admitted...

Voice of the Industry

"The industry does not want to be caught with its' pants down," says sustainable expert

19-Nov-2013 - That expert is Chris Kilham, better known as the ‘Medicine Hunter’ whose life consists of venturing into the world’s wild vegetation zones to search for botanicals that may have therapeutic, nutritional...

Philippine typhoon impact sees palm and coconut oil prices rise

19-Nov-2013 - Palm oil, which has recently become one of the most popular sustainable cosmetic ingredients, is likely to be boosted by the devastating typhoon which struck the Philippines earlier this month,...

Time for Asia to play catch up in sustainable sourcing

06-Nov-2013 - Following on from a summit that raised key questions over how the cosmetics industry approaches sustainable sourcing of raw materials, Organic Monitor is claiming that Asia is letting the side...

Demand for hair colourants in India set to boost global market

06-Nov-2013 - Over the next five years India is expected to be the star performer in the colourants sector which in turn is going to boost the global hair care market posting...

Asia is the land of opportunity for Naturex

31-Oct-2013 - Ingredients supplier Naturex is looking to target the Asian region due to the growing trend for natural and exotic ingredients, building on its successes in other markets.

L’Oréal announces latest sustainability plan

25-Oct-2013 - L’Oréal announces it has made a commitment to transform its sustainability footprint by 2020 whilst at the same time, looking to achieve its business ambitions and reach a billion new...

Oriflame further invests in stem cell technology field

23-Oct-2013 - The Sweden-based cosmetic company has invested in a new plant that will solely focus on the cultivation of plant stem cell cultures as it further aims to develop stronger anti-ageing ingredients that can...

Donkey milk cosmetics - crème de la crème for Asian consumers

22-Oct-2013 - Cleopatra swore by it, bathing daily in asses' milk as part of her beauty regime. Now the spotlight is back on it as Asian cosmetics consumers, particularly those in Thailand,...

Smaller households in China deemed as good news for the packaging sector

15-Oct-2013 - Increasing disposable income and smaller households are turning the Chinese cosmetics packaging industry into a juggernaut, according to a report by Euromonitor.

Sustainable sourcing tops Asian Cosmetics Summit agenda

06-Aug-2013 - Show organisers have revealed ethical sourcing and biodiversity to be the main focus of the 3rd Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, in an effort to raise awareness and...

Waste not; want not – Garnier’s green garden made from beauty waste

19-Jun-2013 - The issue of sustainability never seems to be far from the minds of cosmetics manufacturers, and L’Oreal USA’s latest green goal has been realized as its Garnier subsidiary develops the...

Unilever’s sustainable deodorant pack push pays off

18-Jun-2013 - Unilever’s decision to roll out compressed versions of its Sure, Vaseline and Dove deodorants was a good one according to the latest consumer research and may set the standard for...

Ayurvedic tipped as 'new growth frontier' for beauty business in India

18-Jun-2013 - As the world continues to go green, the demand for ayurvedic cosmetics particularly in India, is set for an increase in demand as cosmetics featuring natural or herbal components become...

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