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L’Oréal presents sol-gels research to the Japanese industry

A team of scientists at L’Oréal have presented their work on silane technology that treats fine and damaged hair at the International Sol-Gel Conference in Kyoto, Japan.

L’Oréal presents sol-gels research to the Japanese industry

Singapore consumers speak out against 'unsustainable production processes'

Numerous consumers in Singapore have pledged to boycott companies involved in unsustainable production processes, particularly those sourcing palm oil in the region.

Scienceploitation? Is the beauty industry borrowing language for stem cell science claims?

The hype around stem cell science has created a market opportunity for the cosmetic industry; however a new study has suggested that the public need more education on the current limits of stem cell applications in this context.

Mooo've over snail slime! Cow urine is the latest skin care phenomenon

Non-government organisation, Vishwa Hindu Parishad has opted for an unusual ingredient in its line of beauty products - cow dung and gau mutra (cow urine) which has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicines.

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