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China demands filing for host of first-import cosmetics products

China is changing the way it manages non-special use cosmetics that travel through the Shanghai Pudong area, as brands importing for the first time will now be subject to filing management, cosmetics regulatory portal, Chemlinked reports .

China's new rules on first import cosmetics products

Volume Down: The male hair trend sweeping Asia

Market research company, Mintel, reports that this year’s latest trend in male grooming, ‘volume down’ hair care, is seeing APAC brands step up their creativity and innovation.

Luxasia teams up with Puig to grow presence in Asia

Dominant prestige Asian beauty retailer, Luxasia, enters a joint venture deal with Spanish fragrance company, Puig, to expand its name throughout Asia.

Scientists look at hair on a nanoscale

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, in collaboration with a scientist out of Zurich, Switzerland, have published new data on the structure and mechanics of hair that has likely applications for hair care R&I.

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