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Symrise | 27-Apr-2017 | PDF Product brochure
A warming sensation may completely transform a product experience.  It triggers relaxation, enhances the perception of the formula’...
TRI-K Baobab Tree CosmeticsDesign

Aging Hair Care through the Legendary Power of Baobab

TRI-K Industries Inc. | 24-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Anti-aging for hair is quickly becoming a large and formidable category in hair care. The explanation behind anti-aging of hair can be de...
CD NaturePep Sacha Inchi

Natural peptide to sculpt & contour the jawline

TRI-K Industries Inc. | 10-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
TRI-K has developed a new botanical based natural peptide, NaturePep™ Sacha Inchi - the next of their NaturePep™ platform – launching at...

Emollient Solutions: APRINNOVA’S NEOSSANCE® Squalane

APRINNOVA | 27-Mar-2017 | PDF Product brochure
Formulators have long recognized Squalane’s value as a superior emollient. APRINNOVA’S NEOSSANCE SQUALANE, derived via fermentation of su...

D-Glycargine®: the A.G.E breaker for AGE blocker

Solabia USA | 13-Mar-2017 | PDF Product brochure
Combination of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and arginine, D-Glycargine® (Arginine PCA) acts on one the principle cause of aging, in addi...

Perfecting Peptide to Correct & Rejuvenate Your Skin

TRI-K Industries Inc. | 27-Feb-2017 | PDF Data sheet
TRI-K Industries, a global manufacturer of beauty and personal care specialty ingredients, launched NaturePep™ Pea – the first...
Speed up formula development and ensure market requirement, using performance software solutions designed for cosmetic R&D lab

Speed up formula development and ensure market requirement, using performance software solutions designed for cosmetic R&D lab

Coptis | 16-Mar-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
The Cosmetic product development generates large amounts of data and documents. Proper integration of your raw materials, ingredients, fo...

Polishing up nail product quality

Stable Micro Systems | 20-Feb-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
In the age of selfies, appearances are more important than ever - including nails. Manufacturers must ensure their nail care products del...

Performance of Sunscreens with Zemea® Propanediol

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products | 13-Feb-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Two underutilized OTC Category 1 sunscreen actives include ensulizole and sulisobenzone. Downfalls of these water-soluble actives are cry...
Discover how Ashland uses fresh lotus flower to create skincare innovation

Discover how Ashland uses fresh lotus flower to create skincare innovation

Ashland | 28-Feb-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
In the webinar you will discover how Ashland is using Zeta Fraction™ to amplify the efficacy and usability of the botanical benefits extr...

Exploring New Luxury in Beauty INNOCOS Summit 2017

innoCos pack | 31-Jan-2017 | PDF Event programme
The world of luxury beauty is changing. The modern consumer seeks out not just experiences, originality, luxurious, indulgent formulation...

ORMESIA® - Brave IN and OUT door pollution without fear !

Laboratoires Expanscience | 05-Dec-2016 | PDF Data sheet
ORMESIA®, eco-designed active ingredient, is an extract obtained from the Maracuja seeds, also known as passion fruit. Laboratoires Expan...

SolaShield®, 3D SKIN PEARLS, your multi-protective SHIELD against pollution!

Solabia Group | 24-Oct-2016 | PDF Product brochure
Pollution has become a real public health issue! It causes alterations in skin radiance, being asphyxiated due to the accumulation of par...

An Urban Shield to Fight the Aging Power of Pollution

TRI-K Industries Inc. | 24-Oct-2016 | PDF Data sheet
A biodegradable, botanical based polymer made from tung (China wood) and rapeseed oils, PhytoVie® Defense forms a flexible and uniform fi...

The extra portion of high quality collagen!

Rahn | 29-Sep-2016 | PDF Product brochure
LIFTONIN®-XPERT is an intelligent collagen booster obtained from the leaf sap of the South African medical plant Bulbine frutescens. Smar...


Symrise | 27-Sep-2016 | PDF Product brochure
As a leading player in sun protection, Symrise has been one of the pioneer companies to explore skin protection beyond UVs. Among other a...

Presenting Tagra’s SiCaps™ the Luxurious Effect of Encapsulated Silicones

Tagra | 26-Sep-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Sicaps™ are encapsulated, high viscosity silicone oil capsules with 79% loading capacity in powder form, allow novelty in designing formu...

How digital technology can revolutionise nutrition

Monteloeder | 21-Sep-2016 | PDF Clinical study
In the dietary supplements category, the main priority for consumers is efficacy. Do the products they buy and use really work for t...
Bringing skin defense to a new level


Symrise | 12-Sep-2016 | PDF Product brochure
Consumer awareness regarding the direct effects of atmospheric pollution on their skin has been growing every year around the world.Based...

BEAUTY IS ATTRACTIVE One more Innovative step towards Beauty. A COMPLETE CARE SOLUTION

Cosmogen | 05-Sep-2016 | PDF Product brochure
COSMOGEN continues its revolution in instrumental cosmetics. ATTRACT ONE EXPERT promises a full care solution that combines the original...

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