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Anti-Aging / Skin Whitening

Closely following the latest trends and formulation technologies that are leading the way in this ever-growing industry segment. As a science-driven trend, articles will also look at the latest research developments, lifting the lid on some of the most exciting innovations surrounding the active ingredients that have become the driving force of this category.

Hair loss and fat – it’s all linked finds new study

08-Apr-2014 - A new study combining science from Australia and the UK has suggested that losing weight and halting hair loss could go hand-in-hand after findings show that the skin can regulate...

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Estée Lauder on the look-out: Ready to acquire… if the deal is right?

03-Apr-2014 - The rumour mill is in full swing but it is not too ridiculous to suggest that Estée Lauder could be ripe to join the acquisition trail given its history and...

The rise of the silkworm cocoon in skin care

26-Mar-2014 - Silk cocoon-based skin care formulations are really starting to take off in Asia as consumers seek an alternative way to keep the skin radiant and treat the ageing process.

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Beiersdorf R&D head says it’s OK to appreciate external innovations

21-Mar-2014 - Traditionally cosmetics companies have adopted a ‘not invented here’ attitude, but big benefits can be gained from changing to a ‘proudly found elsewhere’ mindset and being open with external partners,...

Beauty consequence not cancer risk motivates sunscreen use best in teens

20-Feb-2014 - Scientists have found that youngsters are more likely to address sun protection behaviour if skin appearance and beauty effects are highlighted as opposed to messages displaying a skin cancer risk.

Ashland showcases skin defence plankton extract in China

20-Feb-2014 - Aquatic plankton rich in GP4G nucleotides dampens the effect of infrared and ultraviolet radiation on the appearance of skin, according to new studies showcased at the Personal Care and Homecare...

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Mibelle Biochemistry unveils anti-ageing snow algae extract

19-Feb-2014 - An extract of snow algae can protect the skin against environmental stress factors and improve the barrier function and has been developed by Mibelle Biochemistry. Here, Dr Fred Zülli gives...

Mintel: a gallery of Asian skin care innovations

19-Feb-2014 - Asia is often viewed as the centre of skin care innovation. Here, Mintel rounds up some of the products dominating the region's markets..

Japanese men investing in anti-ageing products

04-Feb-2014 - With Chinese, Japanese and Korean males indicated to be the most active consumers of grooming products, preferences have long grown from aftershave and shaving foam staples and innovation in skin care is booming...

Scientists' further understanding of pathway to protect skin from sun exposure

30-Jan-2014 - Scientists have identified key elements of the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) activated pathway and how a specific protein can mediate the skin’s response which could lead to better methods of protecting...

Unilever and L’Oreal hit back at mercury, chromium and nickel claims

21-Jan-2014 - Cosmetic giants Unilever and L’Oreal have hit back at activist group, Centre for Science and Environment over claims that metals like mercury, chromium and nickel are in their products.  ...

Japanese luxury cosmetics segment seeing success

21-Jan-2014 - Japanese cosmetic giants may now start to invest in bespoke facial care after seeing brands like Shiseido, Kao and Kose Corp cashing in on consumer demand for luxury products despite the...

Stem cell answer to beat the bald

06-Jan-2014 - A trio of studies have delved into the regeneration of hair follicles and described some of the factors that determine when hair grows, when it stops growing and when it...

Online retail the wave of the future for Asia-Pacific region

18-Dec-2013 - E-commerce is becoming an increasingly important trend throughout the world, but nowhere more than in the Asia-Pacific region with its fast-growing base of internet users and enormous population.

Singapore team discover skin cell ‘bridge’ to aid skin regeneration

18-Dec-2013 - A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered that outer skin cells are able to unite to form suspended ‘bridges’ during wound healing, which opens...


BASF to offer ‘Everlasting Beauty’ program following extensive research

17-Dec-2013 - Chemicals company BASF has launched its latest program focusing on the three anti-ageing actions of prevention, maintenance and correction having used its vast consumer research to identify what the market...

Mintel: end of one-child policy will boost baby care in China

17-Dec-2013 - The recent relaxation of China’s one child per family policy is expected to lead to a surge in baby care and post-pregnancy cosmetics products in the region, according to a...

Euromonitor analyst identifies key male skin care trends

11-Dec-2013 - Men's skin care markets are becoming polarized between the simple and the complex, as Euromonitor beauty and personal care analyst Nicole Tyrimou identifies the key trends in this developing cosmetics...

FDA issues new warning on mercury cosmetics

11-Dec-2013 - The FDA has issued a warning on 15 illegal skin whitening products, many of containing dangerous heavy metals, discovered being imported into the Philippines.

Active ingredient dosage so important in anti-aging says biotech firm

02-Dec-2013 - You can have the most revolutionary ingredient on the market but it is the dosage that can be the most crucial thing, according to a skin care expert.

Skin whitening update: Kanebo denies postponing legal plea

27-Nov-2013 - According to Japanese media reports, Kanebo has requested the courts dismiss consumer claims that its’ skin whitening products has caused damages.

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Future Beauty Trends: Finding the right target

25-Nov-2013 - The recent Beauty Futures Forum conducted by trends forecasting agency 'The Future Laboratory' identified what we can expect next in terms of original concepts and different ways of targeting beauty...

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Ground-breaking anti-aging discovery from Antarctic fish gets L’Oréal excited

20-Nov-2013 - Vancouver-based biotech firm Sirona Biochem has developed its latest secret to anti-aging from an unexpected place – Antarctic fish; and cosmetics companies are keen to adopt the new technology.

Induchem develops gloves to cater to skin whitening trend

13-Nov-2013 - You've heard of BB, CC and DD creams. Now 'Dgloves' is the latest innovation to come out of the Asia-Pacific region as formulators strive to keep up with the demand for skin whitening...

Guys, losing your hair? It could be gravity’s fault…

06-Nov-2013 - A plastic surgeon in Turkey claims that the effects of gravity may explain the apparently paradoxical effects of testosterone in male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia (AGA).

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