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Oceania contains a number of innovative, diverse markets. The economy in New Zealand has recovered  with color cosmetics the rising segment, whilst Australia is advanced in sun care developments. The region also concerns the Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Kiribati, Micronesia Nauru, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Tonga markets.

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How Pollution Protection is transforming APAC cosmetics Part II

20-Oct-2016 - Anti-pollution products are one of the most sought after trends within the APAC region and with innovative developments, consumer attitudes and events all focusing on pollution protective cosmetics products, it...

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How Pollution Protection is transforming APAC cosmetics Part I

19-Oct-2016 - As consumers are increasingly searching for ways to protect their skin from pollution, we spoke to Christina Ho, Regional Skin Care Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific at cosmetics manufacturer Croda...

Aviation and Luxury: The New Cosmetics Collaboration?

19-Oct-2016 - As Etihad Airways announces its collaboration with leading fashion and beauty brands, we spoke to Vivienne Rudd, ‎Director of Global Insight and Innovation, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel on...

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Industry insight into formulation challenges

13-Oct-2016 - With innovation and product development needed to access new markets and regions, stable formulations that offer long-term benefits and production efficiency are high on the agenda.

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AmorePacific prioritises product sustainability

12-Oct-2016 - As sustainability continues to grow in the natural and organic sector, we spoke to Jun-Seong Park, Heritage Material Research Team Leader/Manager, R&D Unit at AmorePacific, who emphasises that “product sustainability...

New skin care actives and pigments launch

06-Oct-2016 - Azelis and Tagra Biotechnologies team up to launch skin care actives and pigments in India, Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand natural skincare brand pushes the ethical sector forward

15-Sep-2016 - Trilogy, a New Zealand-based natural skincare brand, combines ethical considerations with social responsibility to encourage international charity and cosmetics development.

L'Oréal Australia tackles the problem of recycling cosmetics packaging

12-Jul-2016 - L’Oréal Australia is making efforts to build its environmental credentials in the country, and has teamed up with TerraCycle to offer consumers a free collection and recycling service for its...

Lush gets active on climate change in Australia

29-Jun-2016 - In a campaign which marks the build up to Australia’s federal election this weekend, beauty brand Lush has partnered up with an environmental activist group.

Animal testing ban will 'stifle innovation’ and ‘threaten’ Australian beauty industry

21-Jun-2016 - The incoming ban on animal testing poses a specific threat to cosmetics testing in Australia, according to the Australian Society of Cosmetics Chemists (ASCC).

Male grooming takes a hit from hipsters in Australia

15-Jun-2016 - Sales for male grooming in Australia are taking a hit from the decline in men’s shaving, driven by the rise of the ‘hipster’ sub-culture and the increase in popularity of...

Australia ready to ban animal testing

07-Jun-2016 - Testing beauty and personal care products on animals will be banned by July next year in Australia, as the country follows a long list of markets in outlawing the testing...

China cosmetics giant launches in Australia

30-May-2016 - Uniasia Cosmetics, a leading player among China's cosmetics giants (described as the country's third-largest retailer), has made a decisive move into the Australian market.

Australia's proposed chemicals regulation will 'increase complexity'

25-May-2016 - Australia is in the process of trying to simplify its regulation of industrial chemicals, including many used widely across the beauty industry, but various brands and bodies have expressed concerns...

Australia updating visa process to encourage China tourism

21-Apr-2016 - Australia is set to trial a new visa a process for incoming tourists from China, in a bid to further bolster the rising tide of Chinese consumers now visiting the...

Australia singles out China as key export market with 'largest ever' trade visit

14-Apr-2016 - Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment has spoken of the central importance the government places on trade with China, ahead of the largest ever trade visit to the country.

Korean cosmetic boom rubs off on Australia

29-Mar-2016 - South Korean cosmetics first became popular with consumers from China, but the appeal is exploding worldwide, and it seems that Australia is now under that same spell.

Australian researchers using sheep waste in cosmetics

10-Mar-2016 - In just the latest in a long line of weird and wonderful beauty ingredients to come out of the APAC region, Australian researchers have found a way to turn sheep...

Australian naturals skin care company prepares for China expansion

17-Feb-2016 - On the back of the success of its naturals brands, Australian beauty company BWX has seen robust domestic growth, and is now reportedly gearing up for a move into China.

Microbeads to be ditched in Australia as early as 2017

11-Feb-2016 - Australia is gearing up to join other countries across the world in phasing out microbeads from its personal care and beauty products.

Australian beauty brands investing in bricks and mortar stores

03-Feb-2016 - Further evidence that the beauty retail tide is turning back towards bricks and mortar stores after its recent focus on an online presence, comes as more beauty brands in Australia...

Brisbane start-up, MistR fills gap in the market with 'first' refillable, portable cologne atomiser

08-Dec-2015 - Brisbane based start-up, MistR has developed what it refers to as the industry's 'first refillable, portable, card sized cologne atomiser' which aims to change the way men use and carry cologne...

Dixie to bring 'marijuana infused' personal care to Australia

19-Nov-2015 - Following Australia's announcement that it will allow 'safe access' to medicinal cannabis for suffering patients for the first time, US based Dixie is on track to introduce its marijuana infused...

Battle of the beauty devices: L’Oreal takes Clarisonic 'imitator' to court

22-Sep-2015 - L’Oréal has launched legal proceedings against Australia's 'BrandPoint', stating it has been 'misleading and deceptive' with claims for its 'PuraSonic' product by comparing it to the global players' Clarisonic skin care...

Schwarzkopf leads the way as Australia's 'most trusted' hair care brand

20-Aug-2015 - Schwarzkopf has been voted Australia's most trusted hair care brand, beating the likes of Dove and L'Oreal to the top spot for 'offering quality and substance'.

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