AdMaster and Tencent QQ release Young People Insight Paper on Chinese brand loyalty

By Natasha Spencer

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AdMaster and Tencent QQ release Young People Insight Paper
Leading data solution provider, AdMaster, and Tencent QQ, an instant messaging platform, have released their “Young People Insight Paper”, which analyses young people’s attitudes towards brands, media habits and entertainment preferences in China.

Big data

AdMaster combines its strategic media planning platforms and sponsorship evaluation index, with the Tencent QQ Social Index, to gather big data from 800 million account users. The results provide insights on how Chinese young people — aged between 13-24 years old — interpret leading skin care, luxury and personal care brands.

The pair recorded how Chinese young people discussed these industries on Tencent QQ's social platforms.

Leading skin care, luxury and personal care brands

The top five skin care and cosmetics brands were recorded as Chanel, Dior, Sulwhasoo, Kans and Givenchy. Luxury favourites were ranked in order of popularity: Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Armani and Hermes. While, in the personal care segment, Rejoice (1), Yun Nan Bai Yao (2), Liushen (3), Lux (4) and L’Oreal (5) were recorded as young Chinese  Tencent QQ users' favourite brands.

Purchasing power

The young Chinese demographic significantly contributes towards the cosmetics, luxury and personal care sectors.

The report indicates that young people spend money on various entertainment activities including celebrities, movies and TV shows. Ranking highest with Chinese consumers is TV shows and movies, with 70% of young people very interested in these forms of entertainment. This is followed by music, entertainment shows and electronic gaming.

Celebrity endorsement

A popular strategic marketing move for brands is to adopt celebrity ambassadors as part of campaigns.

The data results support this concept as young Chinese consumers show a preference for good-looking idols. Of those analysed, 69% of them are girls and half of the famous QQ bloggers were born in the 1990s or afterwards.

Young males opt for TV programmes that display passion and personal growth, whilst females like aesthetically-pleasing TV shows.

As creative packaging reigns supreme in Asia, with Korean brands including cute characters and animal graphics on their products, animation and comics may well become part of mainstream entertainment rather than a subculture.

Social media use

Smartphones and the internet are frequently used by young people in China. QQ, WeChat and Taobao are counted as the most popular apps for young people, with users accessing games, comics, livestreaming and learning apps.

In total, the young age group spend 27% more time online than other demographics, which totals to up to 95 hours per month, and use up to 20 smartphone apps per month.

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