How cosmetics acquisition plans to develop cancer molecular diagnosis

By Natasha Spencer

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How cosmetics acquisition plans to develop cancer molecular diagnosis
Cosmetics ingredient developer set to purchase 49% of cancer molecular diagnosis firm, GeneSort for €12.5 mn.

Cancer and cosmetics ingredients

On 16th July, ACT agreed to acquire a 49% stake in GeneSort International, Pulse news reported​.

The Korean formulator and creator of cosmetics ingredients, ACT, has purchased the Israeli cancer firm for €12.5 mn. 

Bringing together the cancer molecular diagnosis and cosmetics industries, this new partnership and acquisition will make ACT the company’s second majority shareholder of GeneSort.

Improving treatment options through technology

The leading cancer diagnosis company, GeneSort, utilises liquid biopsy technology to accurately detect genes and proteins rarely found in individuals’ blood.  

It is a timely development as the report shows, with 2018 marking the year that the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) selects liquid biopsy as a significant early cancer detection method. Leading publication Forbes also highlighted how this technique is one of seven cancer technology trends​ to look out for in 2018. 

GeneSort specialises in genomic profiling for individualised targeted treatment techniques and cancer risk assessments. Through its 49% stake in the business, ACT now seeks to boost investment to move treatment options forward in markets in Asia including Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

Concentrating on GeneSort’s capabilities relating to the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, ACT has been reported to have said: “Global companies competing with GeneSort still need more than 50 nanograms of DNA to diagnose cancer and only for stage 2 to 4 cancer. GeneSort can conduct liquid biopsy with only 2 nanograms of DNA and even for stage 1 cancer.”