Cosmeceutical anti-wrinkle treatment launched

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Newly formed Canadian company Immanence Dermo-Innovation has
launcheda high-tech cosmeceutical anti-aging formulation called
System 9.

Based in Quebec, Canada, Immanence Dermo-Innovation​ is a development and marketingcompany for cosmeceutical and nutraceutical anti-aging skin care formulationsthat are based on an approach to complementary skin care that the company has called Correction.

The company says it has invested significant effortin this approach and its active ingredients in order to be recognised inthe cosmeceutical and nutraceutical industries for innovative and qualityformulations.

In assessing System 9, Ginette Mathieu, an education consultant in cosmetology and personal care said: "System encourages the normal process of cellular life of the epidermis, the dermis, blood circulation and secretions. These complexes bring a real regeneration, since they build on the life of the skin while bringing it all it needs to regenerate and preserve."

Although a slight swelling has been reported by some users, this is said to subside within a week of first using the cream. Users have also reported that, on top of wrinkle reduction, the formulation can help clear up minor scarring, such as that caused by acne.

The formulations developed by Imminence contain powerful active ingredients - most of which are patented or the subject of scientificpublications. This combines a wholerange of cosmeceutical developed under within the Correction category.

Each product contains over 48 ingredients; among these, 9 main high-tech activeingredients which are said to enable 15 main mechanisms of action that address the main causesof skin aging.

So far the company says it has had significant interest in the product from all over the globe and further to this it has announced thesigning of two cooperation agreements for the marketing of the product line in Asia. The first iswith Medical Research Internation, based inTokyo, Japan, the other, Power Sapling,, which is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Both companies specialise in the importing and distributing of cosmeceuticalproducts intended for dermatologists in their respective countries. These agreements will allow the promotion of technology and products with a number of companies and market segments in Japan and Taiwan.

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