Clinique launches innovative male skin care line

By Simon Pitman

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Estee Lauder says the latest technology contained in its newly launched Clinique men’s skin care range is one of the most significant innovations in the category.

The Men Age Defense Hydrator SP15 is billed as a skin care system specially developed for the needs of men’s skin, by providing active ingredients to both prevent skin damage and repair damage that has already occured.

Launched in the UK and across Europe this month, the skin care system works to help repair fine lines and wrinkles, while the SPF15 provides defense against future damage and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier function.

Male skin ages differently

Research carried out in both Clinique’s laboratories and by other dermatologists has already established that male skin ages in a different way to that of female skin.

Initially male skin ages at a slower rate, but when the signs of ageing do start to set in, the ageing process is much faster than females and often the damage is significantly more visible

The Clinique research has also pin-pointed that shaving speeds up the ageing process for men, given that every time shaving takes place, layers of protective skin – that often also help to retain moisture - may be stripped away.

Targeting collagen productio

The researchers at Clinique claim that the New Age Defense Hydrator SPF15 works by targeting the skin’s natural collagen production, which in turn helps to repair damage caused by fine lines and wrinkles, restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Likewise, the SPF15 provides a comprehensive UVA and UVB protection that help to protect against the sun's rays and other environmental hazards that can play a part in damaging the skin and speeding up the photo-ageing process.

Clinique is hoping to tap into continued demand for men's grooming products worldwide, with the market still registering annual growth of 4 per cent

Men's grooming holds potential

Although industry experts believe that growth will be minimal in developed markets such as the UK, US, France and South Korea, associated men's grooming products are expected to show stronger rises in developing markets.

Thanks to these emering markets the men’s grooming sector is one of the few categories that continues to register strong annual growth in the personal care industry, and is often cited by experts as being one of the categories with the most potential for the future.

Currently it is valued at $12bn (€9.35bn) worldwide, and is set to grow to $14bn by 2009.

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