Antioxidants’ potential to delay skin ageing is focus of Malta congress

By Katie Bird

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New oral and topical antioxidant strategies for skin ageing are sought by the organisers of the Malta Skin Ageing Congress taking place October 29-30 in Malta.

The event, organised by the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (INSAH), also includes a satellite symposium to explore the potential role of antioxidants in skin lightening.

INSAH is calling for abstracts on new antioxidant ingredients that could delay skin ageing, which must be submitted to the Scientific Committee before September 30 2009.

All accepted abstracts will be printed in the proceedings of the conference and oral presentation of the topic is contingent on formal registration of at least one of the co-authors.

Oral strategies for skin antioxidants

Other speakers include Professor J Krutmann from the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, who will discuss oral strategies that could increase the skin antioxidant defence system from within.

Dr T Blatt from Beiersdorf will look at targeting skin mitochondria with antioxidants as a potential strategy to fight against skin ageing.

A further session will focus on the latest advances in antioxidant ingredients that have been known for some time, such as resveratrol and pomegranate.

The second day of the congress concerns photoageing and the role of antioxidants to fight against sun damage of both skin and eyes. Similarly, INSAH is calling for abstracts on new antioxidant solar ingredients and strategies.

Skin whitening satellite event

Skin whitening is the focus of the Friday afternoon session when Dr O Sorg from Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland, will open proceedings with a presentation on oxidative stress, hyperpigmentation and melanogenesis.

Members from the Japanese Antioxidants will lead a presentation on the trends in whitening products in Asia and Europe.

Finally there will be time for the presentation of abstracts, submitted in advance, on new whitening ingredients.

The Scientific Committee will select oral communications only if the ingredient or finished product has undergone clinical studies.

For more information on the congress please visit the event website​.

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