Carrefour adopts sustainable palm oil strategy in Indonesia

By Andrew McDougall

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Carrefour adopts sustainable palm oil strategy in Indonesia
The retail chain’s Indonesian unit has declared it will exclusively source certified sustainable palm oil and implement the RSPO trademark on products in a bid to urge consumers to choose products from a sustainable source.

Heavy use in cosmetics

Palm oil, palm kernel oil and their derivatives are present in about 70 per cent of cosmetic and personal care products and with global demand fuelling unsustainable growth of the palm industry over the past decade, the RSPO introduced the new trademark to encourage suppliers to step up their efforts.

As a member of RSPO, Carrefour states it has a responsibility to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil in the world, aligned with RSPO’s mission, which is to transform the market towards the use of palm oil that is produced in an environmentally-responsible and sustainable manner, around the world generally, and specifically in Indonesia, as the world's largest producer of palm oil.

"We are confident that environmental consciousness among Indonesian consumers is on the rise. We can observe this rapidly growing sentiment in the day to day life in Indonesia from environmentally friendly choices from transportation modes; recycled materials; and purchase of products. As such, we have committed to exclusively buy certified sustainable palm oil by 2015​," said Faisal Firdaus, sustainable development manager, PT Carrefour Indonesia.

RSPO trademark

The global RSPO Trademark was recently introduced into the market this year providing consumer goods manufacturers to educate the public on the benefits and values that separate products, which contain certified sustainable palm oil.

"Carrefour commits to playing our part in this market transformation as a responsible retailer, and also encourages other stakeholders within the palm oil supply chain to come together in raising the level of awareness amongst consumers in Indonesia towards sustainable palm oil sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible manner,​" added Firdaus.

The RSPO has voiced its support of Carrefour’s announcement and Darrel Webber, Secretary General hopes it inspires other retailers to follow suit.

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